Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Reiki Sos Animal Sanctuary

Basically, this had been a calling since last year about helping the animals more. About contributing something back to society. About feeling more in touch with the soul. I've been eyeing on this piece of land for some time. Finally, one fine day, the urge to ask about it cannot be contained anymore. I have to start doing something now, before my own time come. I have to do it before I am myself not able to. Although a little bit naive and gutsy, in a way, am glad my two pals will join in too for support. (Hiu and Nicole)
The owner of the land had agreed to rent the land to do this animal sanctuary. Basically, I'll have to put some cement for easy washing, dug up the trail for drainage, get someone to make the zinc shelter, build the office attap zinc house on it, build playpens for the cats, build sleeping place for them, kennel for 2 dogs and spruce up the grasses, bushes, mosquitoes, get electricity and water, and along the way spruce up the place whenever I have the means.
Then i'll have to meet up the odd few neighbors there to get their consent not to complain should the animals give them noise but to direct them all to me, get more volunteers to help and network with other organizations. Then i'll have to make a different blog or website and facebook present to update about the place and animals and such.
We've got groomers, vet, trainer and some volunteers ready. But it's still just on verbal. So many things still need to be done. Exciting and at the same time scary...because we've no clues what's in store for the future. Oh well...yeah..actually I already check on the astrology part, it's gonna be tough and will have some obstacles and set back. But am prepared to face them and hopefully solve them all for the sake of the "future residents". As it is, I think now, should have 1 cat and 1 dog "pre-registered" to stay here!
Anyway, why Reiki SOS Animal Sanctuary?? SOS = Save Our Soul. Reiki SOS Animal Sanctuary = the animals here will be administered most of the time with Reiki to help heal them on a higher level. To help in healing and alleviating their traumatic experience in roaming on the street, to help open up their consciousness to a higher level so that they can be more intelligent, suitable to be adopted, behavioral changes and if possible, a better rebirth in their future lives. This will also be a training ground for me to establish Reiki Animals and communicating with them using Reiki, to relay messages back to their owners or simply, just to know them and their story from the Animal kingdom.
I hope this place will be a place for the animals to get their temporary shelter before being adopted. And should there be permanent residents here, I hope they will find their safe haven here. Meanwhile, before I spruce up the guidelines too for this place, I'll still need to get some other things done and will set up a different blog for this place.
Lastly, i usually don't promote my tarot reading. However, for this cause, i am charging for tarot reading and all fees from tarot reading will be directed to this project. If you want a tarot reading, you can drop me a message or email me. sms to contact no 016 672 8068. A full reading for all area is Rm80 for 1 hour. Specific area (relationship or career) is Rm50 for 30 min. If less than 5 questions which take less than 30 min, is RM10-20 depend on your own freewill. All fees that i got from tarot reading will go to the sanctuary. :)

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