Wednesday, June 22, 2011


come to think of it... i have now 3 people waiting for me to teach vedic astrology. but i can't seem to find the schedule to teach. aside of external factors, the internal factors include timing and the high level of commitment i have to give once i teach. this is because it is not a one time off class. the class are long and the benchmark of quality from me is 3 months for the students to be able to predict their own chart. a 1 year course with me will make u a family astrologer, and a total of 2  years will make u very accurate in terms of prediction. man...should i wait for more students? or should i just do it? hmmz...still need to squeeze out the time i guess. i want to focus more on my main works, because that's where the money come from to survive! 

but anyhow, i wish to make more short classes on other subjects. and also make one event at least under the banner of soul circles. if this year can't, next year will definitely make one. can't wait for it it is something i wish to include my beloved master in. serving her is easy..following her is hard as she's highly evolved and i am still eons away in terms of spirituality. however, am truly blessed to know her this lifetime and will cherish this opportunity to do some "Guru Bakti" yoga.

on another note, there seem to be a congress of asian astrologer coming to kl in august. if it's on .. am really making the effort to participate in it and see what it's all about! up till now, i really don't know who is who or those big names in my line becuz i am like living in the cave. but heck...this could be a good place to network and meet up with other famous astrologers in my line and make all of them my idol...*weeeeee* 

lastly...month of july is's the month of discipleship for someone for tarot. >.< but it's a good addition to soul circles. once every thing is set, i should already have 3 strong branch, i.e vedic astrology, reiki and tarot. and i am still open to purple star, numerology, and other spiritual modules, as in collaborating with other people on these as per project basis. hmm...nature will take it course and flow. i am not in obsession with this, taking it slow. i believe quality must be the no1 priority if i am to find project partners.

clearing up lots of backlogs...and many forms too to fill..wth

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