Thursday, July 14, 2011

August Reiki Course - Special

Dear everyone,
Sorry to keep everyone waiting on the upcoming courses. I hope it's not late for you to plan your days for these courses as we've finally set our date. It's okay if you can't make it for this 21st August, but I really can't tell you the next course date after 21st August 2011 as we're practically running like chicken without heads on our busy schedule. These courses give us an outlet to really do something different out of our normal works and contribute back to the spiritual path.

As for the usual boring stuffs, please provide me your contact number, name as you want it in your certification and email if you choose to sms me at my number 0166728068. My email is or Either one will get me. If you prefer to pay the fees upfront, I will provide the banking account in the email. And if you are paying on the course day, please make sure you really attend after registration as there will be light refreshments provided. Don't let me "tapao" please, as I can't finish all the food myself.

Lastly, if you have friends/family members who have some sickness related with circulation, in need to detoxify, increase your stamina, regulate your blood pressure, heart ailments or anything at all regarding to physical health, you can get them to attend this Mystical Exercise module. It's sort of the very first and new in Malaysia, unheard of yet, popular elsewhere, easy to do, powerful results and airasia price now. Do consider this alternative module as you'll never know unless you do. :)

PS: We will have a special guest, Ms Jessica who will give an hour speech on Total Wellness. Don't miss out as it's going to be very interesting topics, related with stress controls, diet, exercise and hormones. 

See you in class....woohoo! (New training room is cool!)

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