Saturday, March 10, 2012

Website Library - Free downloads and updates

As you are reading this, the website of Soul Circles is being updated with more free downloads/ebooks/healing songs/videos/sounds etc under library. The aim is to provide as much free knowledge as possible for people who are interested to get closer with spirituality stuffs. Should there be any broken links, please inform me. Meanwhile, enjoy the free library and resources.

I am also trying to create a new page (a bit dumb on web building actually so give me some time) dedicated for people requesting for distance healing as I have received requests here and there and so I wish I can compile all in one place.

I am also upgrading some services and courses for the energy healing area/department and a few systems as I've been attuning to some other energy healing systems and am still experimenting with them. At best I've been wanting to do distance attunement for clients overseas and people who can't come to me directly. So I am putting those materials in forms/files and experimenting with *queuing up* attunements where you can access/take the attunements for healings when you want after you open up your email. *winks* Funny weird stuff huh.

Last but not least, I am going shopping! Reason: I'm hooked on making Soul Circles very own healing tools. Healing tools for people to use for every area of their life etc. I am still perfecting my *art* of making healing tools. :D So will keep you posted. I may even go on a giving spree , giving people healing tools from this energy system. :D

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