Monday, November 5, 2012

Get your western astrology reading online today

Oh my gawd...I never actually promoted this Western Astrology Reading that I've got. Can you believe it? That I actually let it sitting idly on the table. I did not put in much effort in this simply because I am doing Vedic Astrology all the time as a consultant.  Anyway, if you have been looking at quality reading online for astrology, minus seeing me, at the comfort and convenient of your own time,  here is a good option for you. I can cater to all of you, wherever you are from (born ie place of birth) and produce your reading in pdf format within 2-3 business days. Please note that western astrology reading is different from vedic astrology and having an astrologer presence and reading on your own is two different experience all together.

And, you see it right. It's just peanuts in price for all these full reading! So here are the details.

1) Western Astrology Reading @ Reports This reading do not require an astrologer presence hence the reading can only be ordered online.

What is it about? 

Western astrology had been known to reading accuracy on behaviors, patterns, type of personality and characteristic which are intrinsic to an individual. Rather than ordering an expensive reading off the net for a similar reading, you can do it here at a less expensive rate.

What you will get?

A detailed analysis report of your own intrinsic character reading, subconsciously where you will not realize what , why , how of what you do and behave, and a general prediction on your life direction, including your destiny, soul scope etc. Good for a better understanding of your self. The reports can be a few hundred pages in pdf file format, and will take 1-2 business days to process after your payment. You will need to supply your birth date and place of birth (state of the counrty). Time of birth is not necessary, however will be better and more accurate if you have one.

Here is the breakdown of the reports: 1) Personal reports with prediction up to 3 months = RM19.99 1 year prediction = RM29.99
Western Astrology Personal Report
2) Relationship reports of two person for relationship reading with prediction up to 3 months = RM29.99
1 year prediction = RM59.99

This reading will tell you what are the energies playing between you and your partner, your love patterns, areas that both of you can focus on strengthening, soul mates reading and many many more! You have to provide you and your partner date of birth, time of birth and place of birth for an accurate reading.
Relationship Report for 2 person
Based on our past clients, these two are a good convenient breakdown and detailed reports and is way much cheaper than any other place hence it is popular with those who loves to read and on and off want to refer back to the reading when they are confuse and just want something to read that is personally about themselves.

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