Monday, March 4, 2013

Announcement: New Consultation Fees


Please take note that Soul Circles consultation service for Vedic Astrology and Tarot Reading had been raised and should there be any differences you have read from the blog, the official website will be the only place you should refer to. Do visit:  and for the latest price.

Although I should be charging at Master fees that starts from RM300, I have retain this fees for those who need healing and consultations should the need arise.

If you need healing sessions, this are the areas that I am doing. However, due to my busy schedule, appointments are deeply appreciated (for all services including consultations) as I do not cater to last minute booking no matter what happens. Sorry about this!  This is the page you should go if you need special attention for healing.

For Free Distance Healing, you can go here :
Visit of our facebook :

Last but not least, currently not raising any fees for this very fun western astrology reports as it is very accurate and fun to read to know yourself and your partner/lover/would be partner better!

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