Astrology FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Astrology

1) Why do astrology need our birth details including time of birth?
a) This is because the time of birth is what makes your birth chart unique. The place of birth is also put into importance in Vedic Astrology. In any circumstances that you feel your birth time is not correct, we can do a birth chart rectification for you at a minimal fees.

2) What do Soul Circles do with our birth details?
a) Your birth details is for us to construct your birth chart. In whatever situations, your birth details will be safeguarded with utmost confidentiality and not given to any parties. Please be informed that you should only give your birth time details to people you trust only.

3) Do astrology have anything to do with my religion?
a) Astrology do not have anything to do with religion, although some practitioners do like to link it with religion to create a more mystical feel. Some religions do love to put astrology into a bad spot light because it had been so since ancient time, especially the ancient doctrine of churches that condemn astrology. The Kings in ancient dynasties of the Chinese have kept astrologers and astrology for their own royal use as their kingdom protection. This is because if everyone can use this special knowledge, it can be used to chart the future. Astrology carries ALL truths, in fact wisdoms that have surpassed religions as well as carrying the fundamental truths of most religions. Astrology can even see what religion you are in, and astrology do not need your belief system to work. Neither do it need religion for it to work. I would say it just simply works hand in hand with any other spirituality model as the whole universe is a living horoscopy. Some people are not as fortunate as those who have a very good sense of their own mission and life based on intuition, most people need a guide. Astrology is one of the most complete guide that you can use. You need to have the right attitude to make use of astrology to your advantage. It is a forward looking module that gives you a good sense of direction.

4) Is astrology a scientific study, a spiritual study or a mysticism study?
a) It is a scientific study using a scientific approach, a spiritual study once you practice it, and a mystical study because of the rich tradition and given by the ancient sages of all humanity. We are always and still like the blind men trying to make out the parts of a whole elephant. We can never finish the study, and can never claim to know everything because Universal Truths are vast and deep. We can only learn a partial part, receive guidance from someone who had been there, and take what suits our own sensible mind for our own good. To be a good astrology students, you have to approach this subject as how you would for other subjects in a methodical way, and once you practice it, judge it yourself and the spiritual part will follow.

5) Why do astrology do not predict on when we die?
a) Astrology can be used to predict the time , day and place of your death. There are some astrologers who do that, but MOST astrologers wouldn’t want to do that. Every profession have their own ethics and universal guidelines to follow. Astrologers have masters who had been there , done that, and advise us not to do the same. Beside the obvious that we can’t let you know this secret, one other reason include Divine Intervention.

Anyway, you should let go when the time comes for easier transition. You should be living your life when you are alive and make full use of your potential during the life time and be happy always. No point worry about whether you have a long or short life if you can't be happy at the present. Be grateful for everyone that exists in your life who have helped enrich your journey to wherever you are now. Then the Death will not be a suffering issue for you.