Tarot Reading For Your Events

Are you looking for tarot readers to grace your events? Whether for fun or for filling up the atmosphere with some family oriented activity, tarot reading session can be enlightening in any environment. Every guests will love to have some little cards to tell them about their love life, someone to talk to without inhibition or a laugh about themselves while sipping their drinks, gathering with a tarot reader.

Depending on the size of the event, normally if it is not crowded, we will do a full spread reading on the spot for the guest. If it’s busy and crowded, we will do a 3 card spread.
We cater to company or corporate functions, parties, gatherings and private events.

You can also include a full tarot reading session for your esteemed clients, whether in a package of other services and products that you provide, or as a gift session of appreciation for their loyalty to your company. You can do this via a gift coupon or a booked session with us. These are just some of the suggestions that we have for you as part of a marketing campaign.

Usual request: A booth or table preferably square type or banquet table with skirting + 3 chairs although we will also walk around tables to tables depending on your events.

Please write in for quotation via email to o_scarlai@yahoo.com or Whatsapp/Call/SMS to 0166728068 for further enquiries.