Free Healing

Healing Requirements

The first step towards healing is the acceptance of self, body and mind to receive the healing. Which means, you must want to be healed in the first place. If you do not have the will or the acceptance to receive healing, no one else can help you. You must have the will to rectify your situation, the will to improve your well-being, the will to make changes and the will to fight on for your life. Without which, there won’t be any much solutions nor benefactors to help you if you choose not to receive and block all possible ways to reach you when you needed help most.

With the will clearly defined, you have to ask for it. It is similar to asking in your prayers. If you do not ask, you would not receive anything. So ask for the help. By asking, you open the door to opportunities to be healed, to be happy, to be helped and give other people the opportunities to practice loving kindness. You will also open up the doors to abundance and fill your lack of space in your body to fullest when you ask. We are lifted by people to success, we are lifted by people when we are down. So once you have received the kindness, then repay it forward to keep the gift of healing going.

For distance healing, we would appreciate it if you can interact and feedback with us on the progress of the receiver where appropiate. We do not charge for distance healing, however do respect our time in sending the energy and not request unnecessary by way of spam, email or phone, unless very urgent.

You can request for a Reiki Distance Healing for yourself, your loved ones or your friends. Best for emotional issues. E.g: trauma from accidents, sickness or illness weariness, mental distress, relationships emotional challenges or even experiencing negative forces working against you. It is at best if I can work with a picture. Else please provide your name and your location and what do you need more healing on so that I can work better with your request. I am providing this service for Free.

I send Reiki healing energy to anyone no matter where you are. You can even request it on behalf of your loved ones. Do request again after a month so that your name will be on top of the priority list as it’s a first come first serve basis.
Please be assured for every request, we will send out accordingly. Trust that the Universe will help you too as you will never be put in a situation that is too tough for you to handle no matter how difficult or challenging the process of the situation is. 

So in summary, the first process to getting a free healing is through free distance healing. If you need me to come to your place, then please write in to enquire if I can make it. I am located at Klang Valley, Malaysia.

If you agree to the healing requirement and would like to get on our healing list for distance healing, email to Alternatively, join and post on your own request at .  
The group consists of other healers who are happy to send you healing wherever you are.

At times the case is urgent or serious, I will also post the request at the above group for more healers to participate in the healing.


  1. Thank you ,this is indeed wonderful!

  2. All healing requests received will be put on my personal healing list and healing will be sent. Hope everyone will have a great day all the time!