Healing Services

"Healing of the Heart, where we heal broken hearts, despair, grief, renew hopes, courage and remove fear so that you can move on and move forward. "

Energy exists in all forms and it is directly related to what we manifest in our lives through our thoughts and feelings.

Every thoughts that you ever created, is a form of energy that will be around you, inside you or affecting your direct environment. Some goes away, while most stay and lodge inside our bodies, manifesting into physical disease.  Some will affect your direct environment, example your home or your office space, giving you negative situations, your staffs and clients a feeling of uneasiness, dull or lacking of motivation and enthusiasm, and wanting to leave as soon as possible.

This gets more frustrated if you are wondering why your life is stuck and stagnant at a point where you are supposed to progress.  While you are wondering why, the thoughts that come along with it adds on to more negative energies.

Many people wants to be more successful, in terms of getting more of what they have, increase their charms, close that sales, love positive motivations, better relationships, love to have more love, better health and peace be with their mind. If you want to experience a new change, starting from your own self, to directly making a new positive impact and creating a new perspective which will realign with your purpose, you will want to explore Soul Circles service of energy cleansing and healing.

Type of Healings:
We cater to personal growth issues that desire alternative healing. Experience a big shift and change in your life with direct hands on healing and special tailored programming of healing for you.
As each case is unique, an assessment of the client is needed before the healing.

It is usually a 90 min per session, for maximum benefit of a healing, a min 3 sessions are required, although you will receive the benefit from the very first session. Please be informed that we do not replace your medical requirements or needs, you should get diagnose and continue your own medication with your doctor's advice. We are just providing an alternative to help and accelerate healings.

Some examples of situation you might need healing for:
  • Grieving and the inability to move on
  • Depression
  • Clearing Karmic obstacles
  • Abundance blocks
  • Positive personal development for behavioral changes
  • Illness and dis-ease manifestations
  • Relationship challenges
Healing for personal development
  • Emotional health
  • Prosperity and abundance
  • Manifestation of desire and goals
  • Better relationships
  • Improve personal aura and persuasion power
(RM330 per session, strictly by appointment)

Energy cleansing for
  • House 
  • Office
Either for a better home stay environment, especially if you have a sick family member, or for the release of negative energy and for better business, positive energy for staffs,  better prospect at leasing or selling off your property.

(RM350-RM500 per session, charges may varied as assessment needed.)