Tarot Reading Service

If you need me to decipher what your subconscious mind or guardian angels are trying to tell you in regard to your situation or event, in relationship or your love life, career or business, a particular person or in some decision making process with an alternative choice, you can use my tarot reading service.

No birth details are necessary although optional and this module of divination is ideal for people who do not have their birth details or just want a reading on relationship matters, events that are going to happen in the span of 1-3-6 months, soul or spiritual progress, about the other person or for a general reading for the next 6 months to 1 year.

I worked with a few decks and it keep changing depending on circumstances. For those interested to know, I am using Thoth Deck, Raider White, Lost Tarot of Nostradamus, John Holland's Psychic Tarot for the Heart, Celtic Lenormand Oracle Deck and sometimes Poker cards(non tarot)

Order Your Tarot Reading Now

1) I can be contacted for an online reading. Tarot reading will need online interaction, best based on the same time we can do a reading together with WhatsApp (+016 6728068). All you need is to be seated during the session, and pose your questions while I draw the cards from my side and explain the cards to you. 

2) You can also set an appointment with me to meet up in real , and I am available at Alchemy Scentuary, 51-1 Jalan PJU 5/20E, The Strand Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya. Other location are available upon request and arrangement.

  Type of Readings Available

Online at Whatsapp only
1) Ask unlimited questions for 1.5 hours at RM250.00 per session.
This is a full reading where you can pose questions in few areas ie: Career, Relationship, Personal, Business etc within the session for a general outlook reading or predictive nature.  If you have specific questions, this session will be excellent. 
Any extra time after 2 hours will be starting at RM50 per 30 minutes.

*U can bank in directly via bank wire transfer to Maybank or other options below the page.  (There will be no refunds, only reschedule of appointments)

Face to face
1) Ask unlimited questions for 1.5 hours at RM250.00 per session.
Any extra time will be starting at RM50 per 30 minutes.
*Payment can be COD or before the appointed session once appointment had been confirmed. 

*Please note: All reading uses full card spread

To schedule for an appointment, preferably please contact me at whatsapp by leaving a message. Once an appointment had been confirmed, you can make a payment anytime before the start of a session.

For wire transfer or cash payment
Maybank: 112316038385
Public Bank: 4816550828

Hong Leong Bank
Swift Code: HLBBMYKL
BANK ACC CURRENT NO: 16700077148

You can also use paypal services to send the fees to o_scarlai@yahoo.com or payment by credit card using the BUY NOW button on top.
**Please be informed that fees are subject to revision from time to time

What is the difference of my tarot reading service?
My ability to accurately let you know about your situation and to predict confidently base on the cards are not co-incidence. I do not put in my view to your situation nor judge you in anyway (whether you are the guilty party or whatever deemed embarrassing to you) that will alter the reading. My messages to you come directly from your guardian angels with the help of my own protector to clearly let you know the situation and the messages meant for you to have.

Who is the Protector?
If you are not bound by the belief of religion and such, this will not effect anything nor is it necessary to inform you as it is solely my own side to know and to give you an accurate service. However, if you are still interested to know, my protector for tarot reading is no other than Kumantong, whom I fondly call him Jook and he had been in service for 40 years in a temple from Thailand before he is invited back home to service a local Malay psychic.

Based on fate, we met and I invited him back and he is now in service with me to more people. When he is called upon to do a tarot reading, my hand that draws the card will be numb and in that situation, usually the reading that you have is the most accurate and something that is meant urgently for you to listen to. Karmic bound cases are most likely to receive His guided session.  Likewise, if He is not called upon, then it simply means your situation is human-made and is easy to overcome.

Other soul guides include a wise old man and a young child that gave their insights while channeling.  Thus do make it a point to remember your session or the predictions, as I am usually not aware or remember or sometimes not able to repeat what have been said during the session. Please do respect the time allocation as well as the energy involved so that you can get the best out of the session.

You can check on some testimonials I have too if that helps.