About Soul Circles

Soul Circles is dedicated to the search of ancient modules that are still applicable to the modern society at large, delivering the truths back to humankind, repackage it to appeal to modern people and to educate people on these subjects as an alternative to lead a better life. We strive to let you know about these truths which are wholly connected to human spirituality without the dogma of religions.

The name Soul Circles has a certain unique meaning. The symbol of the circle indicates


The sun symbol is a circle with a dot in the center. It is the beginning. The pictorial of the sun symbolize light and giver of life to seekers of truth, with blessings from the divine and help from benevolent people.

Combining several circles together make a Vesica Piscis symbol which reflects what Soul Circles is about and doing. It is a sacred symbol in geometries for the mystical arts with maths, science and arts involved, bringing heaven and earth together. 

We endorse and support all forms of knowledge and even products that have been tested and proven to help better the quality of our lives, health and environment.
We strive towards making the concept of ‘Oneness and Unity in Diversity’ a universal approach in our undertakings.