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Meanings of your Diseases in spiritual energy healings

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Learn Usui Reiki Level 1 and 2 in a day

Learn Reiki Level 1 and 2 with Soul Circles on this coming 15th JULY 2017 and begin your journey as a healer for yourself and your loved ones. The benefits are tremendous and you can access to our website here for the benefits of learning Reiki (

For Individual
Bottom of Form Early Bird Promo : Before 5th July Level 1 and 2 at only RM600
6th to 12th July will be at RM700  (cut off date for registration 13th July 2017) (N/P = RM800) 
Normal fees apply for only one level per registration. (Eg = Level 1 only is RM350, Level 2 only is RM450For more information, please email to or contact Oscar at Whatsapp : 0166728068. 
Full Bank in Details and Venue Details will be given to registered participants.

Tarot Reading - How accurate it can be?

This post is written simply because I am thinking out loud at how funny some practitioners are in doing their marketing.  There would be times when you might wonder how accurate a tarot reading can be. However,most readers may not feel like answering you this question because it is a double edge sword question that can backfire for the reader.

What if you don't understand spirituality or you are looking for a "quick panadol" remedy and your brain keep saying it is not accurate because you did not get what you wanted to hear? And what would you be thinking if I say "Oh I am very accurate" before I even meet you?Sound like hardsell haha...but a bit awkward for me actually, because I would rather you come back later if I am accurate and just a one time off if my reading style do not resonate with you.

The most general answer to that question probably will be : Depend on how much you believe in it or more generally, depend on your soul guides where I only read th…

March 2017 : Quick notes to all visitors especially for Tarot Reading

Tarot and Astrology Reading Heyas all, please take note of revision of fees for my tarot reading service, effective from March 2017 onwards. If you or your friends are interested for a reading with me, these are some quick tips to get a reading applicable to all.
To schedule for an appointment, preferably please contact me at whatsapp by leaving a message. Once an appointment had been confirmed, you can make a payment anytime before a start of session. Non payment will NOT be entertained. Our session ends when the time end, and there will be no follow up unless you want a new session. I am highly trained not to remember your problems so please make your own notes.
If you want a FREE reading, consider going to free websites or download your own tarot apps.  Second note: I don't do video reading or recording audio as it will highly derail my train of thoughts. If you are not from Msia, consider getting a Whatsapp for phone to have online reading with me. 
Otherwise, just feel free to…

Prediction for USA election - Who will win this 2016 presidency?

On the left : Clinton                             On the right: Trump
Should I really put this up? Well for the fun of making predictions, yes I should! I am so curious to know who will win. I am not from this country, I don't really follow the news on it. I've been curious and I have been watching funny Trump videos like his #sniffing short clips and some cool ones from Randy Rainbow. It's so tickling. If someone from my country were to do these type of video, they will be in jail next day. 
Nevertheless, my personal choice is actually Donald Trump. Read: Personal choice! This is because, to my own opinion, either candidates are just as bad a choice for the country. But between this two, I would rather choose him because he symbolize a loosen cannon to me who will blast away all flawed fundamental systems, bulldoze all popular decisions that only favour some elites and restore some other issues that are swept under the carpet. Not that he is really a good guy, but just t…

Archetype of a Prostitute

"I know from young that in order to survive in this world, I have to give something in exchange for food and money on the table. I have to work my way up to the ladder, oozing my charms and using the power of seduction to get what I want from people. I have to use my talents and skills that I have brushed up all this while to charm the world to give me what I want. If my physical body is attractive, I will use it for a better edge against my competitors. If my communication is powerful, I will use it to seduce and make you melt with my words. I am more beautifully dressed up and I am hardworking and well liked, I have brushed up my soft skills and I am excellent in other areas, why do others climb up faster than me? What is still lacking in me?  What more can I do to let the world know I offer the best service in the world? I should get more attention and am gonna flaunt it.

I am so logical and I am so assertive in my decisions because I believe that what I am doing is only to …

Abundance with #abundance #essentialoil Essential oil Blend

Have you ever wonder why some people can get what they wanted so easily and money just ain't an issue in their life? Does not matter how they get to it actually, because you just want to mind your own business, but you do feel that you want to better your own life and you do feel that you want to have an easier and smoother path in your life in whatever you do. If you resonate to the word having abundance, then you must have Abundance oil to help open you up to a world of new opportunities.  
#Abundance #essentialoil  #essentialoilblends
Abundance is created to enhance the frequency of the harmonic magnetic energy field that surrounds us. This higher frequency creates what is called "the law of attraction,"which refers to the things we attract to ourselves. Abundance opens us to a wealth of possibilities.

When I first started using essential oil, I started with the very basic kit. The everyday oil kit that includes lemon, peppermint, lavender, frankincense, cedarwood,…

The Missing Link by Dr. Gary Young and Seed to Seal Process - #essentialoil

Let's enjoy some short clip here. I very Young Living! Like practically putting to your face all about this but good things should be shared :D . This post will let you understand a little more today what is essential oil, how it is done, and why I love this so much. My next post, I promise, will be about my favourite oils and what they do.  Come on in, you never know where this will bring you to. *essential oils..come!*