Saturday, August 5, 2017

Tarot Astrology Course commencing this Sept 2017 at Alchemy Scentuary

Hi everyone,
I am excited to present to you a Tarot Astrology course that I have personally prepared and curate, base on the experience that I have gained for the past 10 years doing consultations with people from all walks of life.

If you had been an intuitive reader all along or even a psychic reader, this course will help you to be a more confident and accurate reader.

Most information are at the brochure, feel free to share or connect with me for more information!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Welcome to Alchemy Scentuary!

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Alchemy Scentuary, a healing and training centre that provides services and courses as well as essential oil based healings and other spiritual modalities!

After a frenzy 1.5 months of renovation and preparation, we are ready to serve the communities!

What does Alchemy Scentuary offers?

  • Raindrop Therapy - Bodyworks using the power of essential oils to relieve ailments and improve body functions and increase the strength and ingnite your natural healing of your body systems (CARE INTENSIVE CERTIFIED PRACTITIONERS)
  • Tarot and Vedic Astrology Consultation
  •  Spiritual Healings  
  • Removal of Abundance blockages, emotional release, realign chakra points and aura cleasing -
  • Access Bars Holistic Therapy
  • Access Bars Facial
  • Muscles, trigger points and body treatments
  • Essential oils workshops and parties!!
  • Spiritual paintings including fine art - bless with Abundance energies and protections - good for homes and business
  • Courses and workshops - SVH, Reiki, Tarot, Astrology, Access Bars, Essential Oils, Healing Sounds and many many more on the way!
  • Venue rental for practitioners (we go through serious vetting!)

 And so with that said, and as we are progressing and planning up all other activities, I will be doing my works mostly at the centre!

All my consultations and healing works including courses will be at this place from now on, and my booking slots for mean time will generally be like this: (depend on availability)

- 10.30am to 12pm
- 1pm to 2.30pm
- 3pm to 4.30pm
- 5pm to 6.30pm. 

My healing centre is located at 
51-1 JALAN PJU 5/20E 


Monday, June 5, 2017

Learn Usui Reiki Level 1 and 2 in a day

Learn Reiki Level 1 and 2 with Soul Circles on this coming 15th JULY 2017 and begin your journey as a healer for yourself and your loved ones. The benefits are tremendous and you can access to our website here for the benefits of learning Reiki (

For Individual
Bottom of Form
Early Bird Promo : Before 5th July
Level 1 and 2 at only RM600

6th to 12th July will be at RM700 
(cut off date for registration 13th July 2017)
(N/P = RM800) 

Normal fees apply for only one level per registration. (Eg = Level 1 only is RM350, Level 2 only is RM450For more information, please email to or contact Oscar at Whatsapp : 0166728068. 

Full Bank in Details and Venue Details will be given to registered participants.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tarot Reading - How accurate it can be?

This post is written simply because I am thinking out loud at how funny some practitioners are in doing their marketing.  There would be times when you might wonder how accurate a tarot reading can be. However,most readers may not feel like answering you this question because it is a double edge sword question that can backfire for the reader.

What if you don't understand spirituality or you are looking for a "quick panadol" remedy and your brain keep saying it is not accurate because you did not get what you wanted to hear? And what would you be thinking if I say "Oh I am very accurate" before I even meet you?Sound like hardsell haha...but a bit awkward for me actually, because I would rather you come back later if I am accurate and just a one time off if my reading style do not resonate with you.

The most general answer to that question probably will be : Depend on how much you believe in it or more generally, depend on your soul guides where I only read the cards for you, deciphering what you can't hear or get from your own soul guides.

There were even readers out there who "gave" public service announcement that tarot reading is not for prediction purpose, it is to read where you are at the moment especially in soul journey and serve as a guideline to things you are not aware of in the reality. It is just general, and the cards have many symbolic meaning. Symbolic meanings can also mean different practitioners will be giving different versions of the same card layout reading and if the practitioner is one that is out of touch with reality, I guess it will be a fantastic reading for soul guide reading, whatever you name it, because if you can talk to your soul guide, you wouldn't be using someone else resources to do it for you!

Another reader I found that use this type of marketing gimmick went a step higher by giving a warning, as if to try to portray a righteous stand by saying that there are tarot readers out there who asked for your full birth details. It is strongly advised not to give them as with those details, they will put a hex or black magic on you.

Wah....I am quite offended with that really. I would have taken a hex or black magic course since it's so darn easy to do it with just your birth details. If it's that easy to do, I might as well do a step higher and brush up my skills so good I don't even need your birth details to hex or black magic you. This kind of tactic also he can do as part of his marketing gimmick, what else he don't dare to do?

Have he not go through the whole course of tarot class that tarot provide timing as well? It can be from days to weeks to months and years. Got read or not? Or is he also ignorant of tarot readers who uses astrology as a cross check and I for one is that one reader who uses astrology+tarot+psychic to do a reading? >_< Call me butthurt or whatever, I am just kinda flabbergasted with that kinda marketing.

So how do I answer if that tarot reading is accurate? Tarot reading is accurate simply because while reading, the cards that represent you are actually reading upon your energy imprint. If you are the type that do not change much and just waiting for things to happen, then for sure it will be accurate. If you are the type that after a session change yourself on whole, then the predicted outcome will definitely change too.

Predictions means to forecast before an event happen + the timeframe it will happen.
Prediction = Event+Time. Predictions are what differentiate between a practitioner that do predictions and one who just read and explain the cards and inform you where you are at now. There are practitioners who are also like me, do not like to guess or simply say stuffs, hence we ask for your full birth details to cross check with astrology timing.

Predictors are different breed of tarot readers who uses tarot or astrology as a platform to do predictions and it is an innate gift+practice+current knowledge to deduce to an outcome for you. There are many type of predictors around including economists, analysts and scientists etc.

Tarot reading is one creative reading tools and hence, each practitioners are different with their own talent and innate gifts. When you do marketing, you don't need to use such marketing gimmick to make yourself look good. *facepalm*. People who resonate with you will come looking for you as everyone are assured of an abundance supply of clients from the Universe. As an astrologer, I know there are times I have to lay down my tools and take a break because there are planet configurations that will affect the accuracy of a reading and even credibility of an astrologer. The ebb and flow of these timing can even last a season or some short days and if you do not lie down, your reading service will be affected and your clients will not get the best of you or worst, getting into different problems.

I hope this give a glimpse of an answer to the question that is always on the mind of some clients I have too.
Before I go make another post, I need to do my own marketing too :O No one market for me, I gotta be a lone ranger and do it! :D

Check my service at

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March 2017 : Quick notes to all visitors especially for Tarot Reading

Tarot and Astrology Reading
Heyas all, please take note of revision of fees for my tarot reading service, effective from March 2017 onwards. If you or your friends are interested for a reading with me, these are some quick tips to get a reading applicable to all.

To schedule for an appointment, preferably please contact me at whatsapp by leaving a message. Once an appointment had been confirmed, you can make a payment anytime before a start of session. Non payment will NOT be entertained.
Our session ends when the time end, and there will be no follow up unless you want a new session. I am highly trained not to remember your problems so please make your own notes.

If you want a FREE reading, consider going to free websites or download your own tarot apps. 
Second note: I don't do video reading or recording audio as it will highly derail my train of thoughts. If you are not from Msia, consider getting a Whatsapp for phone to have online reading with me. 

Otherwise, just feel free to check out my fees below. Thank you!

Other notes: 
Please do not directly contact me at whatsapp and spam me with your problems. I don't do magic either, and I am not just serving you individually.  I am just sending free healing to help accelerate healing for you and all requests received will be put on a healing list and I send healing out to all in the list for as long as it takes. You just need to either email in or post your request at Soul Circles Distance Healing Group for other healers to participate.

For more information on Free Healing, go to this link

Monday, November 7, 2016

Prediction for USA election - Who will win this 2016 presidency?

On the left : Clinton                             On the right: Trump

Should I really put this up? Well for the fun of making predictions, yes I should! I am so curious to know who will win. I am not from this country, I don't really follow the news on it. I've been curious and I have been watching funny Trump videos like his #sniffing short clips and some cool ones from Randy Rainbow. It's so tickling. If someone from my country were to do these type of video, they will be in jail next day. 

Nevertheless, my personal choice is actually Donald Trump. Read: Personal choice! This is because, to my own opinion, either candidates are just as bad a choice for the country. But between this two, I would rather choose him because he symbolize a loosen cannon to me who will blast away all flawed fundamental systems, bulldoze all popular decisions that only favour some elites and restore some other issues that are swept under the carpet. Not that he is really a good guy, but just the guy that can do a job, eventhough he could be bought to run as a puppet. More to he is the lesser evil of another, and he is not ashamed to show his true colours. The people have been poor enough with pressing rising costs of living and this guy could be the guy that will turn the economy around for the country in his own ways...provided he is really doing his stuffs. Anyway, bottom line for my personal choice is because he probably will break all the systems and rebuild things again to it's glory, hence his tagline Make America Great Again. (actually I don't know what's not great there, because every place or country have almost the same thing, like there's no place that's good all round right? It's just the scale of things or the issues, if it's bigger or smaller. Ie the corruption allegations of Hillary make my country MO1 figure sounds like taking some candies) now on the spread above. Using the tarot deck of Thoth to do the prediction. The cards always do not like my personal choice. It never conforms to me. It choose Hillary to win this 2016 election!!! It's not once but many times. :( Do I relent? Well, I shuffled and drew the card and I have to stick to the spread. I have to be professional right? It's drawn after I put on my essential oils to raise my vibrations. I used Believe, Idaho Blue Spruce, Frankincense, White Angelica and Joy from Young Living to center myself and raise my frequencies so that I can have a clear mind and heart to draw the last time. It was 7th Nov..the election is on the 8th. I am so late for it.

What do the cards represent?
At the top of the spread, the card Ace of Wands can represent the question on hand or the issue which can symbolize the presidency, the first new person, the no1, the new venture. It brings an energy of fire and passion.

On the left for Hillary: I will do a very simple summary
In the past few months, Worry have been ruling the candidate and numerous issues had been up in the open from all angles.

Prince of Cups signify the current time before election, her popularity or campaign is from a place of high going down steadily due to all her past issues. However, this card also symbolize a regal animal, the eagle is flying within the manipulation of someone above it. Look at the rope and how this person is riding on the eagle while it is flying from a high place to a low place. This to me give me a feeling that someone else behind Hillary is controlling her. Ok am not going into conspiracy theories here, this is just what am observing. It could also goes to the simple fact that the campaign managers are doing their works from behind and the campaign is pulling on everyone's feeling and heart strings or using emotions to highlight her as the woman, the mother, the grandmother and what not to be the first female president.

And the next coming near future (election day) - Queen of Wands. Look at the card, this time another fiery element card with the Queen controlling another animal, the tiger and this time manipulating the tiger at her will. This time she have rose above the challenges and take control of the situation. The last card was an Interference card, symbolizing what is the outcome for the election.

Summary, Hillary will most probably win the election in a landslide, and she might be challenged again by sniffing Trump, either on a rigged election reason or crime allegations in later days ie December period 19th to 30th 2016 when mercury goes retrogade for past issues to catch up. Hillary will be in deep obstacles by then, not sure how she can manage but that's another drama later.

On the right side for Trump: in summary!
The past months of his campaign is symbolize by the card Futility, which is more to pointless or being useless. People realised he could be the bigger idiot with a loud mouth I guess. However, as he progress till now, the card Ace of Swords is a breakthrough for him. People start to get enlightened, the sword have open up other dimensions, debates, talks, opinions etc formed around him and his campaign. People see the light and they got worked up between the two. People are more attracted to Trump his ideas, compare to Prince of Cups where it's more calculated move and patterns, sticked to a certain ways and acceptable ways at large and not pulling on bad strings. Ace of Swords is more to being original and more to slicing away all the dirt and cloud and shine at the top of it seeing light.
The Tower for the election day however, signify downfall and major revelations. Well if Trump win, it could be because major revelations of his competitor are out in the knick of time. If he don't, Tower can mean he is being prepared to lose in a landslide.  A massive shock to him and his supporters, and he will keep revealing more damning secrets and challenge Hillary for re-election. If he did as he said, where he won't accept the final decision of the outcome and will challenge the result as to him it is rigged, then the last card came for him - Defeat. This card is the outcome card of the election, where he is defeated. And if he challenge later, that will be another drama after the election.

For now, I have to stick to the spread that I drew, and let's see what is the reality. I don't guarantee the acuracy of these prediction thou, because the energy involved in getting this prediction is huge and it might not be revealed thoroughly.

However, the bottomline part is, whichever candidate is chosen, there is not going to be much different and there will still be issues that are stucked and both of them are just.....America don't u have a better candidate than this two?  :( Sighhhhh. We are here to watch the drama and learn from it. Good luck and go vote!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Archetype of a Prostitute

"I know from young that in order to survive in this world, I have to give something in exchange for food and money on the table. I have to work my way up to the ladder, oozing my charms and using the power of seduction to get what I want from people. I have to use my talents and skills that I have brushed up all this while to charm the world to give me what I want. If my physical body is attractive, I will use it for a better edge against my competitors. If my communication is powerful, I will use it to seduce and make you melt with my words. I am more beautifully dressed up and I am hardworking and well liked, I have brushed up my soft skills and I am excellent in other areas, why do others climb up faster than me? What is still lacking in me?  What more can I do to let the world know I offer the best service in the world? I should get more attention and am gonna flaunt it.

I am so logical and I am so assertive in my decisions because I believe that what I am doing is only to make my life a better one. I don't mind adjusting my principles or change my principles just to suit the situation or did I even realise I am doing that?  I am just chasing the sale that provides me for my upcoming bills, and I don't mind doing anything to secure that sale. I will make good with my boss, and get the best out of every situation because I know I am his favourite. I am always delighting my customers, to the extent of exceeding their satisfaction despite putting myself in inconvenient situations. I fear losing my customers because without them I can never do other things and I don't get paid well with the invested energies. 

I don't mind a relationship that provides me with a roof over my head and food on table. I just want security and that's not too much to ask for.  I am a survivor. I can close one eye for not having a desirable dream partner as long as my survival in this world is provided for. I don't have to have true love. I am best at going from one relationship to another without rebound statement because it's not about love but about having a dependent so that I can function well in areas I am weak at. I can fake it well because I understand it well.  Love can't survive on water and romance. I know too much about relationships and what or how it usually ends up in anyway.  So I am just getting what I want by accepting a co-dependancy relationship because I don't ask for too much and you can provide it hence I am working towards building a future with you so to speak until the next better option comes in.

You are so gullible as my sweet face will lure you to my labyrinth. I don't have to love you much, I don't mind having a sexual relationship, as long as my needs are provided for. Am not a sex slave, but I knew in me somehow, somewhere in the subconcious world of mine,  once you are hooked, I will make you a slave for my needs and desires while I give you taste of forbidden fruits. If you gave me what I need, you can have me anytime. I will give you the thrills of push and pull emotions and actions, raise my crazy jealousy if others come near and you will have the romance of your life while I will get my inner security need fulfilled.  

Marriage is not just about love for me. I ticked subconsciously in my mind, if he/she can give me a good life, I can survive even if I don't love him much. I can just make do as long as myself and my children have food on table and more. I will do everything to make him stay on in the marriage, as the stakes on hand are too high to part.

I am so afraid to lose you. I am so afraid of that because I will be stripped off of my securities and money and I will have to go out and work again. I don't have love anymore but it's not this issue that matter, because you are still paying for my existence and my fear is having to work things out as an individual and alone. I just need a companion that pays for dinner and some occasional fun. Best if she can shoulder life responsibilities willingly so I can have some peace of mind and some false sense of security. I don't mind her having other partners, as long as my pizza is paid.

Everyday I go to work, I have to clear shits for people before me. However I don't mind, because I really need this job and I have nothing to complain about. I am strong willed, I am a good survivor, I have been conditioned to this type of life and I don't mind doing the dirty works. Afterall, I will get paid and most times higher than what I can get outside. I trade my values in exchange for what is worth. Nothing wrong or right, I am still courageous, I am still in control, I don't care what you think but I have my other circles of friends who knows absolutely nothing about my real work process. Some people know my battles, but not all know what my war is about. And it's just life as it is."

Does all the above mind chatters appear in your subconscious mind?

Actually, these are collections and summary of life stories that appear before my eyes. Everytime the lines repeat, I felt the saying of people going into their graves with too much songs unsung rings in my head.

We all have some archetype of energy within us and some are more significant than the other archetype that we know or understand about. Following Caroline Myss about Sacred Contracts, I have seen some archetypes that manifest out while doing readings and healing works. However I am most interested with only few and some that are not found on the list...and I gave it some names as it relates closely to the divination system that am using which is the tarot and astrology.  That includes the prostitute, beggar, military officer, angel, scientist and philanthropist. Later on, am gonna expand and will come to the point where what happens if all these characters team up as partners or in a relationship so that you have a rough idea what to expect if your potential partner have these patterns.

Prostitute : The label sound negative but it's not the profession I am referring to. It is more to the type of archetype am referring to. An old profession that started and still surviving until now.  A profession that embodies survival and activation of the first 3 chakra points of human ie root, sexual and solar plexus. These 3 chakra points govern our survival mode from having a stable income, expresssing our sexual need and to the ability to stomach risk and courage center. Of course, this is just one archetype of survival. There are 3 more for survival including The Child, The Victim and The Saboteur. 

In general, this archetype are expressed out and is manifested from yourself when you are placed in a situation or event that bring out the archetype. From there, you learn a lot of things known as experience or lessons in life. Basically, a big majority of us share the same archetype of a prostitute in terms for survival. This is factored in from the time civilisation starts and all human race are activated by the first 3 chakra to survive.  It is an archetype that make us be creative (sexual energy) in selling our own assets aka body, talents, skills, time in exchange for money.  Literally, there are people who prostitute themselves in exchange for food on table, no matter what the real profession is. But the archetype is no different from the real profession. Example, the energy of you begging for your salary hold by a company is the same as a beggar on a street, it's just how different your environment and physical adornment is.

Human have very discriminative mind. So do not think that the prostitute label as negative. It is just neutral, and it is how you perceive it. Afterall, the label is just a profession that do not define you as a person. However, the archetypes are real, and it is what shape you and make you understand how u behave and make decisions and how understanding these can help you move forward better. It is not gender basis as well, and it can manifest even in animal in a natural surrounding.  

It is about your fear of survival. It is about questioning  your own integrity and moral. It is about what are you willing to sell out or give up for in exchange for something material you wanted for.

Some questions that can help you to understand yourself if you resonate with this archetype: 
What are your fears? Why would you choose this decision? What are the patterns that make you stay on in a situation? What are the stakes should you give up that sale? What are you willing to do in order to get that stash of money or draw more attention to yourself? How would you market yourself in order to stand out and be selected? What status in society are you aiming for and what would you trade to get there? How willing are you to sacrifice your dignity, your principles and things you are willing to give up in order to go to another level or place in your life situation? Are you afraid to move on or move forward? What is stopping you from facing your own fear?

The archetype of prostitute will play out in your life when you are faced with situations that challenge your fear of survival and having securities in life. It can manifest in different ways and areas of your life depending on where the certain planet that represent it appears in your astrology chart.  For example if you have a Venus strong in the house of income of your astrology chart, you will express this archetype at all areas related to your money and finances. If you have it strong in the house of profit from associates and friends, you might express this archetype when it comes to you in situation when your survival is dependent on it.  How you express or bring it out also depend on your natural elements ie the fire, earth, air and water elements.

What you can do is to find out if this is your archetype and understand it, analyse the patterns, how it is stopping you from moving forward gracefully and do some meditations and healing for the affected chakra points namely the root chakra, sexual and solar plexus. You can do some soul searching and even get your inner guide to help you to recognize the patterns. From there, once you understand how the archetype is expressed in your daily life and if it gives you a positive or negative impact. You can change the way you act and believe and ask yourself further if the way you respond or react to situations in your life or decisions you make gave you the outcome that you want. If it is not working for you, then it's time to form new changes once you recognize the archetype in you.