Thursday, September 22, 2016

Archetype of a Prostitute

"I know from young that in order to survive in this world, I have to give something in exchange for food and money on the table. I have to work my way up to the ladder, oozing my charms and using the power of seduction to get what I want from people. I have to use my talents and skills that I have brushed up all this while to charm the world to give me what I want. If my physical body is attractive, I will use it for a better edge against my competitors. If my communication is powerful, I will use it to seduce and make you melt with my words. I am more beautifully dressed up and I am hardworking and well liked, I have brushed up my soft skills and I am excellent in other areas, why do others climb up faster than me? What is still lacking in me?  What more can I do to let the world know I offer the best service in the world? I should get more attention and am gonna flaunt it.

I am so logical and I am so assertive in my decisions because I believe that what I am doing is only to make my life a better one. I don't mind adjusting my principles or change my principles just to suit the situation or did I even realise I am doing that?  I am just chasing the sale that provides me for my upcoming bills, and I don't mind doing anything to secure that sale. I will make good with my boss, and get the best out of every situation because I know I am his favourite. I am always delighting my customers, to the extent of exceeding their satisfaction despite putting myself in inconvenient situations. I fear losing my customers because without them I can never do other things and I don't get paid well with the invested energies. 

I don't mind a relationship that provides me with a roof over my head and food on table. I just want security and that's not too much to ask for.  I am a survivor. I can close one eye for not having a desirable dream partner as long as my survival in this world is provided for. I don't have to have true love. I am best at going from one relationship to another without rebound statement because it's not about love but about having a dependent so that I can function well in areas I am weak at. I can fake it well because I understand it well.  Love can't survive on water and romance. I know too much about relationships and what or how it usually ends up in anyway.  So I am just getting what I want by accepting a co-dependancy relationship because I don't ask for too much and you can provide it hence I am working towards building a future with you so to speak until the next better option comes in.

You are so gullible as my sweet face will lure you to my labyrinth. I don't have to love you much, I don't mind having a sexual relationship, as long as my needs are provided for. Am not a sex slave, but I knew in me somehow, somewhere in the subconcious world of mine,  once you are hooked, I will make you a slave for my needs and desires while I give you taste of forbidden fruits. If you gave me what I need, you can have me anytime. I will give you the thrills of push and pull emotions and actions, raise my crazy jealousy if others come near and you will have the romance of your life while I will get my inner security need fulfilled.  

Marriage is not just about love for me. I ticked subconsciously in my mind, if he/she can give me a good life, I can survive even if I don't love him much. I can just make do as long as myself and my children have food on table and more. I will do everything to make him stay on in the marriage, as the stakes on hand are too high to part.

I am so afraid to lose you. I am so afraid of that because I will be stripped off of my securities and money and I will have to go out and work again. I don't have love anymore but it's not this issue that matter, because you are still paying for my existence and my fear is having to work things out as an individual and alone. I just need a companion that pays for dinner and some occasional fun. Best if she can shoulder life responsibilities willingly so I can have some peace of mind and some false sense of security. I don't mind her having other partners, as long as my pizza is paid.

Everyday I go to work, I have to clear shits for people before me. However I don't mind, because I really need this job and I have nothing to complain about. I am strong willed, I am a good survivor, I have been conditioned to this type of life and I don't mind doing the dirty works. Afterall, I will get paid and most times higher than what I can get outside. I trade my values in exchange for what is worth. Nothing wrong or right, I am still courageous, I am still in control, I don't care what you think but I have my other circles of friends who knows absolutely nothing about my real work process. Some people know my battles, but not all know what my war is about. And it's just life as it is."

Does all the above mind chatters appear in your subconscious mind?

Actually, these are collections and summary of life stories that appear before my eyes. Everytime the lines repeat, I felt the saying of people going into their graves with too much songs unsung rings in my head.

We all have some archetype of energy within us and some are more significant than the other archetype that we know or understand about. Following Caroline Myss about Sacred Contracts, I have seen some archetypes that manifest out while doing readings and healing works. However I am most interested with only few and some that are not found on the list...and I gave it some names as it relates closely to the divination system that am using which is the tarot and astrology.  That includes the prostitute, beggar, military officer, angel, scientist and philanthropist. Later on, am gonna expand and will come to the point where what happens if all these characters team up as partners or in a relationship so that you have a rough idea what to expect if your potential partner have these patterns.

Prostitute : The label sound negative but it's not the profession I am referring to. It is more to the type of archetype am referring to. An old profession that started and still surviving until now.  A profession that embodies survival and activation of the first 3 chakra points of human ie root, sexual and solar plexus. These 3 chakra points govern our survival mode from having a stable income, expresssing our sexual need and to the ability to stomach risk and courage center. Of course, this is just one archetype of survival. There are 3 more for survival including The Child, The Victim and The Saboteur. 

In general, this archetype are expressed out and is manifested from yourself when you are placed in a situation or event that bring out the archetype. From there, you learn a lot of things known as experience or lessons in life. Basically, a big majority of us share the same archetype of a prostitute in terms for survival. This is factored in from the time civilisation starts and all human race are activated by the first 3 chakra to survive.  It is an archetype that make us be creative (sexual energy) in selling our own assets aka body, talents, skills, time in exchange for money.  Literally, there are people who prostitute themselves in exchange for food on table, no matter what the real profession is. But the archetype is no different from the real profession. Example, the energy of you begging for your salary hold by a company is the same as a beggar on a street, it's just how different your environment and physical adornment is.

Human have very discriminative mind. So do not think that the prostitute label as negative. It is just neutral, and it is how you perceive it. Afterall, the label is just a profession that do not define you as a person. However, the archetypes are real, and it is what shape you and make you understand how u behave and make decisions and how understanding these can help you move forward better. It is not gender basis as well, and it can manifest even in animal in a natural surrounding.  

It is about your fear of survival. It is about questioning  your own integrity and moral. It is about what are you willing to sell out or give up for in exchange for something material you wanted for.

Some questions that can help you to understand yourself if you resonate with this archetype: 
What are your fears? Why would you choose this decision? What are the patterns that make you stay on in a situation? What are the stakes should you give up that sale? What are you willing to do in order to get that stash of money or draw more attention to yourself? How would you market yourself in order to stand out and be selected? What status in society are you aiming for and what would you trade to get there? How willing are you to sacrifice your dignity, your principles and things you are willing to give up in order to go to another level or place in your life situation? Are you afraid to move on or move forward? What is stopping you from facing your own fear?

The archetype of prostitute will play out in your life when you are faced with situations that challenge your fear of survival and having securities in life. It can manifest in different ways and areas of your life depending on where the certain planet that represent it appears in your astrology chart.  For example if you have a Venus strong in the house of income of your astrology chart, you will express this archetype at all areas related to your money and finances. If you have it strong in the house of profit from associates and friends, you might express this archetype when it comes to you in situation when your survival is dependent on it.  How you express or bring it out also depend on your natural elements ie the fire, earth, air and water elements.

What you can do is to find out if this is your archetype and understand it, analyse the patterns, how it is stopping you from moving forward gracefully and do some meditations and healing for the affected chakra points namely the root chakra, sexual and solar plexus. You can do some soul searching and even get your inner guide to help you to recognize the patterns. From there, once you understand how the archetype is expressed in your daily life and if it gives you a positive or negative impact. You can change the way you act and believe and ask yourself further if the way you respond or react to situations in your life or decisions you make gave you the outcome that you want. If it is not working for you, then it's time to form new changes once you recognize the archetype in you.

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Art of Prediction with Tarot

Tarot Course – The Art of Prediction
Evolve your reading to meaningful interpretations in 2 days
• Introduction to Tarot Cards
• Connecting with your Cards
• Tarot Spreads
• Get your stories in shape
• The art of prediction using Tarot
• The ethical ways of Tarot Prediction

About Soul Circles
Soul Circles is dedicated to the search of ancient modules that are still applicable to the modern society at large, delivering the truths back to humankind, repackage it to appeal to modern people and to educate people on these subjects as an alternative to lead a better life. We strive to let you know about these truths which are wholly connected to human spirituality without the dogma of religions

Rider Waite cards used but not necessary. Any other tarot cards can be used.

*This course is suitable for beginners to advance learners who wished to learn how to predict with tarot cards confidently and accurately*

Early Bird: RM688 before 18 September 2016
Normal: RM799
For registration and enquiries please contact:
Oscar 016 672 8068 / 012 611 7820
Irene 012 209 6851

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Are you the next Oil tycoon?

“ Essential oils are some of the oldest and most powerful therapeutic agents known in history. In their purest state, it is some of the most concentrated natural extracts known, exhibiting significant and immediate antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and hormone-balancing effects. With the advance of antibiotics and prescription drugs during the last century, natural therapeutic agents, especially essential oils, have been largely overlooked.” [quote picked from Essential Oils Integrative Medical Guide, D.Gary Young, ND]

Only in the current decade, essential oils have made a resurgence in popularity in the US and are currently making their way into Asia. The Malaysia market is one of the most thriving and exciting markets to be in, with over half a million people happily using the oils with fantastic results in maintaining their wellness and reversing their health back to optimum levels. 

Essential oils are on par with other natural and holistic approach in maintaining our health. This disruptive invasion is a threat to all pharmaceutical and medical industries including aesthetic medicines industries who advocate long term synthetic medicines, prescriptive drugs and invasive surgeries.

Before you continue, let us address your earliest perception about essential oils. Below are the top 5 that we always receive.
      • I have pills and I am on medication
      • Essential oils are useless
      • It is just a bottle that smell nice
      • That thing is just too expensive!
      • It’s just the same, I can get from the malls

And we too have some favourite FAQ
  • Can essential oil help me with my hormone imbalance issues?
  • Can essential oil increase my libido?
  • Can essential oil help with my menstrual (pre and post) or menopause stage?
  • Can essential oil give me a glowing clear facial with less wrinkles and warts?
  • Can essential oil give me abundance of wealth, improve my financial well-being?
  • Can essential oil improve my work performance and my personal life?
  • Can essential oil protect my child and also my pet?

The time is NOW

Take charge of your health and get in to total wellness

“The person who takes medicine must recover twice, once from the disease and once from the medicine.” William Osler, M.D.

Do you have loved ones whom you wished you have known a way to help turnaround their lifestyle for the better?
Do you subconsciously feel that your body is immune to painkillers?
Malaysia has 30 million population and counting, do you see the opportunity to be the next oil tycoon ?

We are on the same boat with the same prescription drugs and the time is now to wake up and get to know more about the intimate details of Nature's gifts to us that had been used for centuries for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. 

Let us address the most overlooked health issue in our first talk series:

 Maintaining your hormone balance

Main activities of the day:
  • Informative overview of the health industry and how it will benefit you
  • Empowerment for people who want to turnaround their health in just 3 steps
  • Health consultations and free blends for you via our essential oil clinic 
  • Counters for essential oil products including books, organic produce and oil pouches
Benefits of attending this talk : -
  • Learn about essential oil safety, how essential oils are produced and common methods of usage
  • Understand the safe and natural ways of working towards achieving hormonal balance for both men and women
  • Understand the 21st century health issue that stem from hormonal imbalance including hot flashes, bouts of anger, weight gain, cramps, digestion problems, sleep disturbance and mood swings.
Seats are limited!

If you are looking for a therapeutic platform to turn around with true wellness, join us to find out more about essential oils and why you should care.
Early bird registration with confirmed payments received by 20th August 2016 to enjoy a special rate of RM35 per pax.

Contact us
Email :
Mobile : 012 - 6117820
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Monday, October 19, 2015

Lemon #EssentialOil

This oil is super duper yummilicious and you might get addicted to drinking it everyday, every morning ! I use to put a drop or two into my early morning 1st glass of water as it increases my energy and help me to detox too. Please remember to only use ceramic or glass only, no plastic!

Cold pressed from the fresh fruit peel (rind - so it's not lemon juice and won't mess with the enamel on your teeth) of lemons grown in Argentina and the United States, Lemon essential oil has refreshing and cooling properties. Its fresh, citrus scent is an instant pick-me-up, promoting energy and mental clarity.

It requires about 3,000 lemons to make one kilo of Lemon Essential Oil (Citrus limon).  Lemon has been used throughout history to protect against immune threat.

LEMON (Citrus limon) has antiseptic-like properties and contains compounds that have been studied for their effects on immune function.

CAUTION: Citrus oils should NOT be applied to skin that will be exposed to direct sunlight or ultraviolet light within 72 hours. Else, you will have spots on your skin! Do it at night time only. :)

Lemon oil works primarily with the digestive, immune, and respiratory systems, promoting healthy function in the body. Aromatically, it's invigorating. 

The health benefits of lemon oil can be attributed to its stimulating, calming, carminative, anti-infection, astringent, detoxifying, antiseptic, disinfectant, sleep inducing, and antifungal properties. The benefits of lemon oil include its ability to treat stress disorders, fever, infections, asthma, obesity, insomnia, skin disorders, hair conditions, stomach problems and tiredness.

Primary Benefits
Cleanses and purifies the air and surfaces
Naturally cleanses the body and aids in digestion
Supports healthy respiratory function
Promotes a positive mood and cognitive ability

Emotional Benefits
Emotionally and spiritually, lemon essential oil promotes focus and clarity. Its uplifting affects awaken the senses, clear the mind of distractions, and help a person tune in to the task at hand. It helps a person to overcome confusion or doubt, fatigue, overwhelm, and lack of enthusiasm, as well as helps to clear self-doubt, limiting beliefs, stagnant energy, and rigidness in the mind, heart, or body. It's great for bad moods, "blah" moods, or lethargy. (put it at your heart chakra or rub onto your hand and inhale closely cupped to face)

Immune system: Lemon oil has a high vitamin content, which makes it a wonderful booster for the body’s immune system. It further stimulates white blood cells, thus increasing your ability to fight off diseases. Lemon oil also improves circulation throughout the body.

Insomnia: Health benefits of lemon oil include providing relief from sleeplessness. Using lemon oil ensures good sleep and helps people that suffer from insomnia.

Stomach ailments: Since lemon oil is carminative, it is used in the treatment of various stomach problems, including indigestion, acidity, upset stomach, and cramps.

Hair care: Lemon oil is also effective as a hair tonic. Many people use lemon oil to get strong, healthy and shiny hair. Lemon oil is also used to eliminate dandruff.

Weight loss: Lemon juice is very helpful in reducing weight, and satisfying appetite to reduce the chance of overeating.

Stress: Lemon oil is calming in nature and therefore helps in removing mental fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety, nervousness and nervous tension. It has the ability to refresh the mind by creating a positive mindset and removing negative emotions. It is also believed that inhaling lemon oil helps in increasing concentration and alertness. It can therefore be used as a room freshener in offices to increase the efficiency of the employees.

9 Benefits for Using Lemon Essential Oil:

1. Air Freshener.
Put 6 drops of Lemon oil and 6 drops of Purification oil in a squirt bottle mixed with distilled water to use in bathroom as an air freshener.

2. Gum, Oil, Grease Spots and Crayons.
Use 1-2 drops of Lemon oil to remove gum, oil, grease spots or crayon.

3. Varicose Veins.
Rub several drops of Lemon oil on varicose veins to improve circulation and relieve pressure on the veins.

4. Lemonade.
For homemade lemonade, in a blender mix 2 drops of Lemon oil, 2 Tbls. of honey and 2 cups of pure water. Adjust to suite your own taste.

5. Callouses / Bunions / Warts.
Rub a drop of Lemon oil on a corn, callous, bunion or wart mornings and evenings until it slowly reduces the swell and disappears.

6. Prolong Life of Fresh Fruit.
To clean and increase shelf life of fresh fruit, fill a bowl with cool water and 2-3 drops of Lemon oil. Drop cleaned fruit into the water and stir. Be sure all surfaces of the fruit contact the lemon.

7. Counter Tops.
Add 2-3 drops of Lemon oil to water and spray counter to sterilize.

8. Dishcloths.
Soak your dishcloth overnight in a bowl of water and a drop of Lemon oil to disinfect and kill germs.

9. Public Bathrooms.
Rub a drop of Lemon oil on your hands after using a public bathroom

It’s very high in limonene, which has been clinically studied to fight tumor growth. It’s also been very widely used in skin care — to cleanse it, and to reduce acne and wrinkles.

Scientific studies have proven that it is also an effective antidepressant.

It’s helpful for earaches, improves circulation and is also a solid overall immune stimulant.

Tips on using Lemon:

Add a drop or two to your glass of water. (Never use plastic water bottles — plastic and oils don’t mix.)
Rub on the bottoms of feet (especially for young ones who can’t sip).
Add 10 drops to a vegetable capsule to help with a UTI infection.
Add a few drops to an Epsom salts bath, to promote healthy skin and neutralize any unwanted chemicals in the water.
Add to drop to flavor a tea or other drink (beware: deliciously potent)
Additional Tips On Using Lemon
Don’t put on your skin 12-24 hours before seeing the sunlight. Sometimes skin can become temporarily discolored.
Don’t drink in plastic — always glass.

For a bottle of 15ml lemon essential oil, it is equilvalent to about 75 organic lemons. This is one big saver, convenient to use and healthy bottle to have as your starter! Wherever you are in the world, if you would like to have this delicious and healthy Lemon Essential Oil, contact me at below for more information.

Let's do some Brain Power #essentialoil today

This is one of my favourite oil. Basically, I use this oil to remain in focus in my studies, to help in my memory and to decalcify my pineal gland. I was using Cedarwood in the beginning, but found that Brain Power is higher and more potent to my own liking. To understand more about Brain Power, I started to look around for testimonials and more usage for this oil. What I discovered was, it is a very powerful oil to help especially children who have issues or problems with focus on studies and their daily activities.

Brain power have a combination of high frequencies oil. One of them is the Australian Blue Cypress that have a frequency of 520mhz. Most children are already born with a high frequency so they take to the oil easily. Brain Power brings oxygen to the brain. Because of  that it increases their concentration, focus and alertness. This in turn allows them to understand and remember more of what the teachers teaches easily and thus enjoying school more.

Having said of the above, I have a client that bought Brain Power just for her eldest son who have some trouble comprehending normal instructions and occasionally couldn't make out some words and spelling. He need to attend a special school to learn. With the oil, she is now observing her child and do feedback that minor things are starting to improve. Hopefully, a mother's love will be observant enough to see more improvements in due time. She also diffuse Peppermint to help in focus when the child is studying beside applying Brain Power. 

Brain Power Essential Oil blend helps with clarity and deep concentration, and can help channel physical energy into mental energy.

Using over time can slow down the aging process. It can also helps with retarding the memory loss process many seniors above 60 are experiencing. Many of the oils in this blend are high in sesquiterpenes (compounds that support and increase activity in the pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus glands and thereby increase output of growth hormone and melatonin).

The oils in this blend also help to dissolve petrochemicals that congest the receptor sites! This clears “brain fog” many people experience due to exposure to synthetic petrochemicals in food, skin and hair care products, air, and in everyday life.

“My son went from an F to a B in Math after applying Brain Power to his vagus nerve for 6 weeks.” ~Jane Casey

Tips on using Brain Power:
Apply 2-3 drops neat (undiluted) on wrists, neck, forehead, temples or feet.
Inhale from cupped palms, or wrists.
2 drops to the crown chakra before going to school or work

If you would like to know more on Brain Power and how to order yours at wholesale price no matter where you are in the world today, please contact me at the below.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Essential oils for Haze - big rant

The Haze made me sneezy and on the verge of getting a sore throat. It seems like those who set the fire had waited for the right direction of the wind to blow exactly to the whole of Malaysia so that we suffer. Like someone said,  like Zhu Ge Liang, calculate, strategize and then okay set it up now, because Malaysia won't be able to make much noise...well maybe Sg will make noise but Malaysia won't. We are nice and immuned. (huh..?) Okay..I am abit off with the haze...but before my sore throat got worst, I had 2 drops of Lemon Oil to my drinks and am as good as ever.

If your elderly and young children are now experiencing coughs and breathing difficulties, some oils to help you combat the situation. No need bother about those who started the fire, they said they can put it off themselves. All  you need is diffuser and the essential oils below!

Purification will clean up the haze and smoky air in your house.
Thieves will kill the airborne bacteria
You can also apply Purification or RC over the lung area, Thieves at base of feet. You can inhale directly too from the bottle.
When the EO is diffused, the molecules which is broken up into fine mist particles will reduce bacteria, mold and smell in the air.

Your kids come back irritated? Were you tired? Or like me, you still go for outdoor activities ie hangout at mamak...well try below if you have the oil. 
I diffused Purification 5 drops and Thieves 5 drops into the diffuser and stay in. 5 minutes later, my wheezing stopped. I also put RC to my nose and over my lung area. Damn haze stopped irritates me. And I go out again...and then complain...and diffuse...and the cycle continues. Just to say I can't really let the haze stop my normal activity...but my nose is itchy.
Try it. You will be relieved. :P


Friday, October 2, 2015

Abundance with #abundance #essentialoil Essential oil Blend

Have you ever wonder why some people can get what they wanted so easily and money just ain't an issue in their life? Does not matter how they get to it actually, because you just want to mind your own business, but you do feel that you want to better your own life and you do feel that you want to have an easier and smoother path in your life in whatever you do. If you resonate to the word having abundance, then you must have Abundance oil to help open you up to a world of new opportunities.  

#Abundance #essentialoil  #essentialoilblends
Abundance is created to enhance the frequency of the harmonic magnetic energy field that surrounds us. This higher frequency creates what is called "the law of attraction,"which refers to the things we attract to ourselves. Abundance opens us to a wealth of possibilities.

When I first started using essential oil, I started with the very basic kit. The everyday oil kit that includes lemon, peppermint, lavender, frankincense, cedarwood, etc. These oils helped to put me into a state of balance in terms of emotional and spiritual health. I was also on a diet so lemon, peppermint, grapefruit and frankincense was a constant companion to help me remove the toxins in my body. Then, I was into the oil blends. Oil blends are simply singular oils blend together to create something else that we need accordingly. I was literally blown away with many of the oil blends. I am still learning about it and I am exploring on the massage blends as well because it will be useful in my future healing endeavors.

One of my favorite was the Abundance Oil. I love the name simply because Abundance is what am looking for! Abundance means plenty and in terms for wealth, prosperity and relationships, you would want plenty of it. So this oil works perfectly well for you to attract abundance to your sphere.

When you apply Abundance oil, it don't mean that money will fall down to your lap and you don't have to work for it.  However, it will put you into that frequency, expand your aura so that you can hold more, and put you into the condition and situation where you can attract more abundance. You just have to recognize the opportunities and work to it. With Abundance, you just have to work with minimal effort!

Before you can use Abundance, you will want to remove traditional patterns and frequencies, limiting beliefs and fear from your own body system. I tried Abundance earlier on and what I felt at the earlier stage was many things that I was working on, started to crumble down. I had to tear and put away all past ideas on projects, remove myself from holding on to those ideas I was attached to and started to learn new ideas. I felt my old patterns started to change day by day.

Then, I use the Release blend (will blog on this in next post) to help me release my negative emotions and thinking. Once I cleared myself on this level, I started with Abundance oil again. I apply it to my navel chakra (tummy area) simply because it is a chakra point that remove fear, give you courage and the ability to stomach risks. I also apply it to my root chakra which is just behind your back, at the bottom of the tailbone, as this chakra helps to stabilize your daily income, stabilize your career and attract more opportunities.  More kiasu, I also apply it to my crown chakra, heart chakra and the back of the ears and around the wrists. Some people who are not used to the smell will find Abundance oil giving a strong smell. Those who don't like it, are actually the ones that needed it most so be open to it.

What happen was, my aura expanded and started to become more clear. People who met me will comment a very calm, soothing and clear energy or aura when they are around me. And, for the next weeks till now, my phone never stops ringing for more appointments, more opportunities and more chance to close deals! I repeat again, you just have to think what you want, manifest it, don't care how it comes in what fashion, and you will start to recognize the incoming opportunities, non-stop!

I have also seen and heard those I know who are using the oil, experience abundance in their own unique ways. One person I know put Abundance into her paintings and placed it into a business setup, and it attract customers. Some diffuse it into their company or retail store, and clients just don't want to leave their place. Some apply it and hit some lottery numbers they never win most of their life. 

So if you are looking to enhance your own wealth building, doing manifestations, practicing law of attraction, have a more balanced and stable career path, or simply want to open up to more opportunities in life, especially if you are also doing sales related works, you should have Abundance oil in your possession. 

What other singular oils are in the Abundance Oil blend and what they do:

If you are interested to find out more about Abundance oil, you can contact me as below. Likewise, if you just want to try this one oil, you can order the oil from me which is a 15ml bottle. For Malaysians, just contact me and we can either meetup if you are in Klang Valley, or I can arrange for delivery right to your doorstep so that I can share with you how to use this oil to get the maximum benefits.

If you are from overseas, simply email me or contact me via my number below using Viber, Whatsapp or Skype.

Once you decided that this oil is suitable for you and you would like to go further, I can share with you on how to get this oil and other everyday oils at a great bargain.

Wishing you Abundance of health, wealth and happiness!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Missing Link by Dr. Gary Young and Seed to Seal Process - #essentialoil

Let's enjoy some short clip here. I very Young Living! Like practically putting to your face all about this but good things should be shared :D . This post will let you understand a little more today what is essential oil, how it is done, and why I love this so much. My next post, I promise, will be about my favourite oils and what they do.  Come on in, you never know where this will bring you to. *essential oils..come!*

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My essential oil journey with #youngliving

Earthlings...greetings to all! Hehehe. Been such a long time since my last post, probably 6 months? Well well, I have finally decided to blog about my new "toys" and actually, not really toys..they have became my passion.  I use essential oils to do my own spiritual and emotional healing, as well as for prevention of sickness and also use it extensively for other things including doing my works and healing for clients.

Before I write this post, let me tell you. It is really huge and it actually took a toll on my brain to attempt to write on essential oils. This is because as I go into researching and learning about the oils, I found that there are simply lots of things and stuffs to digest and I can't possibly be putting everything into 1 post.  I probably have to break it into a few posts, as my mood permits, and my schedule allow.."smirks".The facts about essential oils, the history, the knowledge etc etc. is like a huge library with millions of books waiting for you to read about it.  I would strongly suggest that you too,  do your own research and reading because it's actually available at the click of your fingertips. I am most willing to share with you what I have learn and even guide you to start your journey!

So, as I attempt to write and deleted many drafts on it, heck, my usual style I don't really like to compile a library, is a waste of space for my blog. I finally decided to just sit down, calm myself, channel the writing, which means in another word, just write whatever that is in the mind. Then, I discovered that I don't really have much in mind to write, as it is clustered and full of stuffs I have to take out slowly and put them into correct compartment. So in the end, I just wanna share with you my first post which will be my little journey with #essentialoil via #youngliving and why you should join me too in this ever exciting health, wealth and beauty industry all put into one small 5ml or 15ml bottle wonders.

It can really help you to reduce and remove dependency on medicines and drugs usually prescribed to reduce your symptoms but not remove the root cause of your illness. Essential oils...they will one day take over your medicine cabinets, taking over hospitals now, and also invade all houses in the world where every house must have some essential oils as first aid kits! Whoaaaa big industry eh! It is actually very easy to understand if you are a medicinal, health or doctor practitioner. This is because you know the systems, the body, the disease etc. You already have an advantage. You just need a good tool and product as a platform to bring more of your knowledge to help and serve people! Likewise for me, I have to start all over again to read up about health and all this related stuffs, from cancer to the common cold to have a better grasp at those disease that scare the shit out of people and having doctors to give them a timeline of life and death ie how many days and months left for you, eradicating any hope of getting well unless you have a strong willpower to pull yourself out of that unhealthy frequencies.  So these little bottle of wonders, gave you hope again. I am the type that can't live without hope and I can't live with too much hope, but I see this bottle of wonders as HOPE!

Anyway, so what happen was I was searching for essential oils to do my healing works, on top of other organic products etc etc. And also constant bombardment by all health news and such that it really drill into your brain to just choose something healthier to put into your body. Stuffs like below this two,

So how to avoid? We have MSG in our food as long as you are eating outside. You have fluoride in your system as long as you are using a fluoride toothpaste. You have artificial sweeteners as long as you are choosing sugar replacement to reduce sugar level in the hope that the replaced sugar is less sweet?? Shrug..tell me how to avoid? You have Parabens as long as you need a deodorizer for your sweats lol. And Johnsons & Johnsons finally admit that some of their products are cancer causing too. So what I did was, instead of swearing off all these products, of course, I can't be researching all of these products firsthand before I put them in, I am just a user and whatever look nice and affordable, not so obvious the bad news about it, I will just use la..don't talk so much right. But I try to mix and use essential oils along before I replace all of these products with essential oil, hopefully to reduce the impact or health consequences of prolong usage of these products.

One month after I put my thoughts and focus into essential oil, a dear friend called out of the blue. Those calls that seem like they can transmit the frequency and energy to you before you even pick up the call that...hmmm why suddenly call after so long? Must be those mlm or agent calls type of call. *sweat...hope she don't read this hahaha* She was telling me in a very exciting tone which I couldn't make out the content of the conversation up to now. She said lots of things in very fast style, and the only words that stuck was "Essential oils, come!" Okay...Universe sent you over. Okay...and for the past 1 year I have been using the essential oils as a user, with few months in break. Now fully awake and looking at these bottle of wonders, I can't contain my own excitement any longer to tell you the same exact words.


Of course, Malaysia YL have lots of excellent free gifts to new members that sign up, at a very good bargain and compare to other countries bla bla bla...those really great rewards you can't miss! The real truth is, it is super duper exciting that I have no words to describe... I try later, but probably not at this post.  What I would like to share with you is, more to some little experiences, I try to cut short in the post so you don't have to read too much as I tend to digress, and my experiences is mostly spiritual side of the usage as well. Anyway, to start off if you are really new to essential oils, I try not to go into too technical details. Just some small bit here and there first before I really go into writing a whole new post specific to it. 

The above is the process where YL use to process essential oils. When we talk about essential oil, you might be surprised that there are some you can ingest, while some you definitely can't ingest. What can be ingested are the therapeutic type, of course with proper guidelines. 

Therapeutic essential oils are plant based. Where the plants are not GMO and is completely natural, farmed organically and distilled properly. The essential oil retains all the natural properties of the plants. This "life force of the plant" or "the blood of the plant" function is the same as our blood. Its main ingredient is O2. Therapeutic EO is scientifically documented to carry the highest oxygenated molecules known to man. It contains minerals, it is a catalyst because it contains oxygen, amino acids n their functions is to carry nutrients to the cells and throughout the human body.

The function of essential oil is similar to our blood. It is a transport system and carries oxygen and minerals to our bodies. So not only do we get O2 from the oils, we also get negative ions and ozone. In these conditions, bacteria cannot survive in this enviroment. Because of our food, water and air which is so toxic in our body, EO will literally push the toxin out of our bodies because it contains the highest oxygnated molecules known to man. It pushes the toxin and metallic out of the cells and pull potassium back into the cells. In fact EO will re-establish normal cells and functions.

So below is something about frequencies of our body and the oil and something for you to get excited about. Why? When you are at a low frequency, you can get unwell. With even just a bottle of Lavender, the frequency is already higher than the human. It takes 28sq ft of Lavender to produce a 15ml bottle. Talk about potent! And for a bottle of 15ml Lemon, it actually contain approx 46 pieces of organic lemon in that 15ml bottle! It is no doubt very convenient and healthy to just drink your water added with Lemon Essential Oil! 

So basically, the essential oil helped me in a few areas, which I will keep it short here as I will expand on it with next posts.
1) reduce sugar level from 24pts to 11pts and still counting
2) remove negative energies and keep my vibrations and energy level high
3) helped me in terms of being emotionally balanced
4) spiritual advancement, very good for meditation
5) attract abundance easily! (Abundance oil, I will definitely write on it align with my own experience)
6) keep me in joy and attract good relationships with people (your charm just work)
7) slimming and facial beauty
8) balance up hormones
9) healing and spiritual works including increasing my intuition as the pineal gland de-calcify
10) overall health issue
11) keep me aware, conscious, focus and reduce memory loss

Other people feedback and testimonials, include what some can help for your children! Example one of my favorite oil is Brainpower.

So ... okay am practically done with this post as it appears quite long already. Because I guess I kind of digress to just about the oil, this post is very very surface and not in depth yet,  and I haven't even go into my experience yet. But I hope you get my excited energy for the mean time!

Till then, if you really really want to get to know these fast and pronto in real, do contact me so that I can share with you and how you can get these pure potent essential oil for yourself and family! My contact is just above the post. Well..see you at next post. *grin*

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Crystals ... I love crystals

The above are crystals I want to manifest into my collection...I love crystals and they are really a class of it own. Whenever I received or bought a new crystal, the child in me scream with excitement.

Some years back, I remembered buying lots of smaller crystals and stones and charged them with positive energies including wish manifestation for those who requested and post it out to them. This is because I believe that when it is gifted, it is more powerful and empowering...until you lost it. And also because, everytime you open up your mailbox, it's laden with bills to pay. These little stuffs do make up someone's day. Maybe when I have time again, I will make it a service to post these again to people who request, and charge the stones with higher vibrations.

I love moldavites and green phantom. These two are must have in my collection, because I use them alot to do my own spiritual works. On top of that, nowadays am using crystals as well in doing tarot reading as it help to protect the place and give a clearer vision and clear the air. But it's heavy to take everything out sometimes. Other than that, I will be eyeing more for healing am still searching for the One. Oh where are you  my dear? Attract me. And I will bring you home.  :)