Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Before you call me for a consultation....

Contemplate these before you call me for a consultation
1) Do you believe in wholesome healing as remedies to your astrology chart? This is because no point just taking out a bit of your thorns, while you have a whole bunch of other matters that add to your problems.

2) I don't really care if you are to act upon my suggestions or not, but if you are to ask me, be ready to hear something that you do not like to hear, not what you choose to hear.

3) If I don't reveal the whole truth, no point forcing me, because that truth is something that you can't take in full contents and comprehension. Just wait for the magic to happen and you will appreciate my silence.

4) Don't ask me when you are going to die or how long you will live. This is a double edge sword question, where it's better you ask how to live your life to the best and fullest right now.

5) Don't haggle and bargains before you get my service. Bargains = Bar yourself from Gains. I am to serve you, if it's meant to be free, it will be. If it's not meant to be free but with a fee, then with a fee that's it.

6) Don't ask for the same help twice, if at first help you ignore my suggestions. Tiring to set up rituals and upper communications and then to do it all over again for the same thing. Got me??

7) Don't keep calling if I did not pick up your call. Try SMS. Will reply all sms. :) I don't have an attitude problem, but I am friendly after 11am, that's all.