Thursday, March 13, 2014

#MH370 - Astrology analysis - case study

The search for #MH370 had indeed baffled the world and experts in the aviation industry  in view of the current era where technology are so advance, how can a Boeing 777 that is so huge can be missing from the radar? The search have to continue nevertheless, without giving up hope and grab any possibilities that can effect a successful SAR operation.

I have also noticed, that not many or even maybe a single astrologer from Malaysia is saying anything, probably due to fear of repercussion from the public or later found stuffs said not to be correct, I mean, those famous ones as am not famous...or maybe I have not been noticing as I just like to hide in the closet (shrug), so I am not scared to post! It is because in my opinion, no point if you say something after the plane is found, for astrologer are suppose to do predictions after evaluation on the available data.

This post that am posting, is just a perspective and scholar approach using Vedic Astrology with the additional 3 saturnine planets from Western Astrology that I wish to put down for study purpose. It is not meant to affirm a result as I am no expert in any SAR bodies nor an airplane expert as well. And of course, Astrology is a module of probabilities using the position of the stars and planets in astronomy and it is a system that can be approached scientifically and spiritually depending on the astrologer specific niche. It is a module that have stood the test of time over 6000 years and it does not need your belief system to work for with or without your belief system, it is a standalone system that still works to this days.

And before I go and do the analysis, it's definitely not bomoh or shaman works here! (referring to the Raja Bomoh) . Shaman, pagans and spiritual healers are people who works with nature and spirits of the world for the betterment and healing of humankind in the universe and they are most of the time do not go into the limelight or work for money. The very Bomoh we know carries the Corporate 1Malaysia Bomoh title in the news. "Corporate" sounds very wrong for an authentic Shaman! Just my opinion, will I get shoot down??? I hope not, as for as much as I might disagree with what you say, I will defend to death your right to say it.

Okay, there might be some astrology jargon and keywords, but I have to use it as it is what my study is about. I have to use some combinations/configurations so as to support the story statements, but I will try to put it into laymen words as well. 

The above chart is used base on the take off time and date of MH370. (FYI, the data are also being used by astrologers from overseas) Okay, am not very good with graphics as I am a "word" person, so I am thinking as I am typing so bear with me. And, the above chart is very basic chart. The working configurations and unseen on chart above is due to very tedious for a non graphic person like me to put it up for you to see, especially if you are not an astrologer. But an astrologer will know the placements and other details.

Significant placement:
As = Ascendent = 1st house (this is where the houses kickstart)
Symbolic planets for airplanes: Uranus
Symbolic signs for airplanes: Aquarius and Gemini (Air sign)
Symbolic house for travel: 3rd and 9th house
Symbolic sign for travel: Sagittarius
Symbolic planet for travel: Mercury

Running Dasa/Bukti : Mo/Ra (Moon/Rahu)
Moon symbolic for Water and emotions. Moon is running in it's own cycle/period

Moon is at the 7th house of the chart, sitting at the sign of Taurus, it's own exalted place. If the first house is use as the starting point of the chart as in "Take off for MH370", 7th house which is the opposition will indicate where it ends.

Moon that signify water, running at it's own cycle at exalted placement of Taurus makes it significant that the plane ended in Water. Rahu being "foreign" will indicate it ended in Foreign Water, not in Malaysia vicinity.

Placement/direction : Could be in South-west, or West side.
Mars Retro aspect Taurus sign, significant of Body. Down to earth.
Combinations will give the following keywords: Fiery, fiery body part, moving in non direct motion, aimlessly, driven.  

Evaluation of these keywords produce the following prediction:
The take off of MH370, met with Body mechanical failure, most possibly from the wing to storage keeping area (Mars profession) and it landed in a foreign water/sea in the direction of south-west/west side (South China Sea/western area of the sea??). It descend in an aggressive, fast and aimless pattern to a dark region/dark side. (It is impossible to hang in the mid air as what goes up must come down, as above so below, and Law of Gravity on Earth)

Supporting combination and configuration from other house:
1) 4th house (death/end) where Neptune is residing at Aquarius. Neptune a water planet is residing at Aquarius, an air sign. A flight had landed in the water.
Further to this, Sun is also natal/residing at the fourth house, ruler of the 10th house. The sun symbolic of govt, went to the 4th house. Further prediction: Government in "deep water" because of this unfortunate event.

2) Uranus - sudden events, symbolic for plane, at the sign of Pisces, deep water. A plane suddenly in deep water.
Jupiter aspecting this place, with the keyword Plenty. plenty of water, plenty of death. 

As the plane is traveling just a short distance before it got lost in the radar, it would be appropriate to look at the 3rd house for short distance travel indicator.

There is Mercury and Venus in the house of Capricorn. Capricorn house is ruled by Saturn planet and Saturn is retrograde at the 12th house of losses and mysteries. Systematic prediction will be ruler of the 3rd house for short distance travel is now at 12th house of losses. 12th house is also symbolic for longer distance travel beside 9th house.

12th house natal sitting Saturn, Mars and Ra, all malefic planets together. Venus, ruler of 12th house exchanged position with Ruler of 3rd house Saturn as well, which makes it more significant on short distance travel with losses.

Might want to take a look at the weather, although it was reported fine weather. Mercury and Venus is combination for a cutting/splitting effect. Sitting at Capricorn, a "moving" element house, mercury also carries keywords of wind. Venus in Capricorn will create a strong attachment effect. What type of windy elements can fuel the fiery plane? Or is it relevant? This combination might not be a strong astrology point for this. So let's see other supporting combination. Mercury carries keywords of mechanical as well as communication. So if weather is not a strong point, then communication keyword will be more suitable. This Capricorn placement is further aspected by malefic Mars, making it a very bad combination.

Evaluation of the above will come to the prediction of: Heart (Venus keyword) of communication, breakdown at a very fast pace in the plane. let's look at the dusthana houses of 2nd, 6th, 8th and 12th. Except 6th, all are death houses. Sad to say, the survival chances are close to zero. Unless with divine intervention and TIMING for miracles, no one survive.  Why?

2nd house (death) , Sagittarius (travel), sitting/residing Pluto - planet of death and rejuvenation.  Pluto is sitting on a house ruled by Saturn, and Lord Saturn is at 12th house of losses and death and mystery. Pluto is also aspected by Saturn and it is a retrogade Saturn. Saturn is also keyword for timing. Jupiter is also aspecting it, with the keyword Plenty.

6th house with ketu - destructive/not working/head part.Again, Mars and Saturn is aspecting the 6th house.
Head part of the plane not working/in fire/destructed/pilot in difficult working position.

8th house
Evaluation of the above leads to these predictions:
The above tragedy is shroud in mystery. Late timing in rescue effort reduce chances of survival. Earliest rescue effort will have positive result. However, too many other combination translated to efforts dampens with plenty of  challenges resulting in plenty of death. (Jupiter residing / natal at Gemini 8th house)

Higher combination: Information/Gemini house ruler Mercury, messages/communications regarding the flight, (Mercury in 3rd house), 3rd house ruler Saturn in 12th house : Prediction = Plenty of information regarding the flight are in mystery or unknown

12th house...a cluster of malefic planet at the house of death..enough said...

It was reported that MH370 was fixed/service/repaired 12 days before the flight. I made a chart on it and it seems that the astrology configuration pointed to repairs during Mercury Retrograde period. Could there be failure/mistakes/negligance from the ground team while repair and testing is done? In my personal opinion, I do not discount this possibility base on the chart.

And this below chart is the day the plane was delivered to KL after it's first flight on 14th of May. In my opinion, this plane looks like a doomed plane, looking that the period is Ma/Me/Mo in the dasa bukti bukti period of now it is in, and Ma is at the 12th house, Mer is retrogade together with other malefics again in the houses. It means this plane itself might have other accidents before too, but of course duly repaired.  Astrologers can double am bad with the graphics part.

The below chart is base on the last contact and latitude and longitude coordination of the plane. I put it as Vietnam timing as it is supposedly approaching Vietnam.

As from the chart, our government despite the communications and information issues and the amateur handling of crisis of this scale/nature, they are working hard on it. No one would wish these things to happen at all. However, just to note that, timing is of essence and the govt here, however, is responsible for the time lost. Government in astrology terms would mean the ones in charge, the head of an organization, governors etc, and thus those involved ie MAS and the Government bear this "Time response and responsibility"

Other notes: I wished there are hijacks, stuck at other dimensions or kidnapped by aliens. However, I can't see from the astrology chart for these. It is because, if above are the case, there will be chances for survivors.

So when can it be found? Base on the timing part, full discovery of the plane will be latest by before April 12th 2014. Fastest discovery and information on search and rescue operation should be by 19th March 2014 next Wednesday. I am doing this prediction base on the timing factor that I know of. There is already a famous astrologer predicting that we will be able to find it by or before this Saturday which is 15th of March 2014.

Whichever date it is, my wish and prayers  is for it to be found as soon as possible. Last but not least, as mentioned earlier above, it is still possible for divine intervention.


  1. So you are spot on!!

  2. This was very good, best I've read on this subject. What, if anything, would you add, now? I feel the South China Sea is probably where it's at, though I have come from a totally different area for my conclusions.