Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mistakes are beautiful

Mistakes are meant to be beautiful. Mistakes make you grow wiser. It help you to be strong. Mistakes let you know what you want and what you don't want. Mistakes let you know what is priority and what is not. Mistakes let you know what you have to learn in order to progress. And mistakes are good signs to let you know something bigger is about to happen before you commit further mistakes.

Some mistakes have bad timing. It happens when things are smooth and you don't want to change. It happens when you are settled and is looking forward to something else. Some mistakes that comes in good timing can save you in the nick of time before something else happen.

Some mistakes are life changing. Either you can't do anything much about it, or that's your last chance to survive. Else, some other time mistakes offer hopes and a chance to change what's not right.

Pulling out a case from my astrology file to share, there is a woman who is in her early 50's. She made a mistake in her marriage and was mentally punished by her husband with isolation for the last 10 years. She vowed not to make the same mistake again that time, doing all she could to keep the family, but as what destiny had arranged for her, she met someone else and had a very happy affair. This affair made her realise what she lacked in her marriage and all along the husband was not meant for her. The husband only treated her as a prized possession due to her being someone well known in her profession and line of work. She loved this mistake so much that she found her own happiness again. Divorced and living the life she deserves, albeit a bit late. 

So, have you made a mistake today? Afraid not, because mistakes can be very beautiful.

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