Monday, January 7, 2013

Gambling Astrology

Many of you speculators, shares investors, gamblers, punters or even sports gamblers will want to know how to use a module that can help you in minimizing your risk or losses. This post however, is not to encourage you to be a gambler. However, your money will still be put to these risk taking activities for you will want to maximize your hard earn money in order to have it work harder for you.

Since astrology can help predicting in almost anything, there are people who firmly believe astrology can be use to predict outcome of a match, a game or a lottery. Yes, it can be used as that, but the astrologer have to be accurate as well in analyzing the data in as fast as under 1 minute, sometimes under duress stress!

Astrology can help you to minimize your losses, advise you on the best time to receive more higher wins, advise you on bad days where you are going to lose more and thus give you an idea when to play and most importantly, when NOT to play. 

Of all the astrology modules that I have currently researched, Chinese astrology can help in giving clues on 4 digits bet accurately. Western astrology can help in giving clues on lotteries and jackpot. While Vedic Astrology can help in shares and general gambling.

There are many theories on Vedic Astrology, example, you will have to find out what is the ruling planets of the day, moon sign lord of the day, moon star, ascendent sign lord and ascendent star lord. You will also need to select the days and time when the planets of your natal chart ruling 2, 5, 8, 10 and 11 house to play a winning game.

However, these remain theories as there are not many reliable data available, especially on the internet. Come to think of it, if it can really give you more money, these data will worth millions! (not $19.90 on offer and $69.90 np) So erase all you ever gather and read on the internet about sure win configurations. These data at times are way outdated as much as since year 1990 to 1995.  You will need new strategies and configurations for the chart. And there are many charts you need to work with beside chart of the moment. And nothing beats having a live astrologer by your side to analyze the data rather than you going for gambling astrology softwares. Softwares are just as random as machines generating a set of numbers at random. (there is an astrologer who offer to accompany you to las vegas to play..of course with pay and commission cut, but I will definitely choose this instead of canned software predictions)

How many draws do you need to win on roulette? For you to win 1 million in a span of 1 week, you will need 185 (if you keep double up your win) or 237 draws (min bet) that you can win each time. You can also win about 20,000 in a span of 8 or 12 minutes when the ascendant is changing, preferably favorable to your chart as well. Discipline is key. There is never a duplication in astrology chart as everyone is unique. So the discipline to follow your best days, worst days, up credit or hold credit is as important as when to Stop and wait for the right transit.

So using astrology for gambling, is it possible? You bet or "NO MORE BETS".


  1. I came across your blog by accidental will.
    I have had three big lottery wins in the past, and I know the dates.
    Is it possible to determine my next big win using astrology?
    Harry N

  2. Hi,
    If the dates are not recent as in 1 to 5 years before then it will be a bit difficult to determine as the sky map changes. Can only draw out similar conditions of winning and put it against current transits and personal chart to determine.

    1. Ok. Unfortunately they're in 1989, 1995 and 2006!
      Thank you for the response!