Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Delhi Gang Rape Case

It's saddening and horrible. I spent my new year eve reading about it and I can't believe it. Many thoughts ran through my mind. I shed tears in silence. What's wrong with you India? A spiritual place, once a powerful civilisation, an inventor , champion in science, astronomy, astrology, maths, medical etc, now a country with many still living without any respect for woman, moral decline and apathy. This is not the first case, nor will it be the last. News I read for December alone, had a few cases of gang rape of women, assault and abuse from India. One committed suicide when she was forced to marry one of her rapist. Another was set on fire for trying to run away. Other horrible case like beheading a woman for falling in love with a lower caste. Even the police are apathy and there are those who even commit the crime in the police station. Disgusting. How could this be? Could it be your own, out of date, none common sense traditions, belief system , rules, regulations, superstitious, caste system, dowry system, family tradition, education and the country ruling gov itself contributed to this fact that it is one of the worst place to be a woman? Sigh. I stay in solidarity for all women in India. May all of you win. May 2013 bring you positive change. May your gov administration and public service improve with less corruption. May you rest in peace too, braveheart "Amanat"

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