Saturday, August 5, 2017

Tarot Astrology Course commencing this Sept 2017 at Alchemy Scentuary

Hi everyone,
I am excited to present to you a Tarot Astrology course that I have personally prepared and curate, base on the experience that I have gained for the past 10 years doing consultations with people from all walks of life.

If you had been an intuitive reader all along or even a psychic reader, this course will help you to be a more confident and accurate reader.

Most information are at the brochure, feel free to share or connect with me for more information!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Welcome to Alchemy Scentuary!

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Alchemy Scentuary, a healing and training centre that provides services and courses as well as essential oil based healings and other spiritual modalities!

After a frenzy 1.5 months of renovation and preparation, we are ready to serve the communities!

What does Alchemy Scentuary offers?

  • Raindrop Therapy - Bodyworks using the power of essential oils to relieve ailments and improve body functions and increase the strength and ingnite your natural healing of your body systems (CARE INTENSIVE CERTIFIED PRACTITIONERS)
  • Tarot and Vedic Astrology Consultation
  •  Spiritual Healings  
  • Removal of Abundance blockages, emotional release, realign chakra points and aura cleasing -
  • Access Bars Holistic Therapy
  • Access Bars Facial
  • Muscles, trigger points and body treatments
  • Essential oils workshops and parties!!
  • Spiritual paintings including fine art - bless with Abundance energies and protections - good for homes and business
  • Courses and workshops - SVH, Reiki, Tarot, Astrology, Access Bars, Essential Oils, Healing Sounds and many many more on the way!
  • Venue rental for practitioners (we go through serious vetting!)

 And so with that said, and as we are progressing and planning up all other activities, I will be doing my works mostly at the centre!

All my consultations and healing works including courses will be at this place from now on, and my booking slots for mean time will generally be like this: (depend on availability)

- 10.30am to 12pm
- 1pm to 2.30pm
- 3pm to 4.30pm
- 5pm to 6.30pm. 

My healing centre is located at 
51-1 JALAN PJU 5/20E 


Monday, June 5, 2017

Learn Usui Reiki Level 1 and 2 in a day

Learn Reiki Level 1 and 2 with Soul Circles on this coming 15th JULY 2017 and begin your journey as a healer for yourself and your loved ones. The benefits are tremendous and you can access to our website here for the benefits of learning Reiki (

For Individual
Bottom of Form
Early Bird Promo : Before 5th July
Level 1 and 2 at only RM600

6th to 12th July will be at RM700 
(cut off date for registration 13th July 2017)
(N/P = RM800) 

Normal fees apply for only one level per registration. (Eg = Level 1 only is RM350, Level 2 only is RM450For more information, please email to or contact Oscar at Whatsapp : 0166728068. 

Full Bank in Details and Venue Details will be given to registered participants.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tarot Reading - How accurate it can be?

This post is written simply because I am thinking out loud at how funny some practitioners are in doing their marketing.  There would be times when you might wonder how accurate a tarot reading can be. However,most readers may not feel like answering you this question because it is a double edge sword question that can backfire for the reader.

What if you don't understand spirituality or you are looking for a "quick panadol" remedy and your brain keep saying it is not accurate because you did not get what you wanted to hear? And what would you be thinking if I say "Oh I am very accurate" before I even meet you?Sound like hardsell haha...but a bit awkward for me actually, because I would rather you come back later if I am accurate and just a one time off if my reading style do not resonate with you.

The most general answer to that question probably will be : Depend on how much you believe in it or more generally, depend on your soul guides where I only read the cards for you, deciphering what you can't hear or get from your own soul guides.

There were even readers out there who "gave" public service announcement that tarot reading is not for prediction purpose, it is to read where you are at the moment especially in soul journey and serve as a guideline to things you are not aware of in the reality. It is just general, and the cards have many symbolic meaning. Symbolic meanings can also mean different practitioners will be giving different versions of the same card layout reading and if the practitioner is one that is out of touch with reality, I guess it will be a fantastic reading for soul guide reading, whatever you name it, because if you can talk to your soul guide, you wouldn't be using someone else resources to do it for you!

Another reader I found that use this type of marketing gimmick went a step higher by giving a warning, as if to try to portray a righteous stand by saying that there are tarot readers out there who asked for your full birth details. It is strongly advised not to give them as with those details, they will put a hex or black magic on you.

Wah....I am quite offended with that really. I would have taken a hex or black magic course since it's so darn easy to do it with just your birth details. If it's that easy to do, I might as well do a step higher and brush up my skills so good I don't even need your birth details to hex or black magic you. This kind of tactic also he can do as part of his marketing gimmick, what else he don't dare to do?

Have he not go through the whole course of tarot class that tarot provide timing as well? It can be from days to weeks to months and years. Got read or not? Or is he also ignorant of tarot readers who uses astrology as a cross check and I for one is that one reader who uses astrology+tarot+psychic to do a reading? >_< Call me butthurt or whatever, I am just kinda flabbergasted with that kinda marketing.

So how do I answer if that tarot reading is accurate? Tarot reading is accurate simply because while reading, the cards that represent you are actually reading upon your energy imprint. If you are the type that do not change much and just waiting for things to happen, then for sure it will be accurate. If you are the type that after a session change yourself on whole, then the predicted outcome will definitely change too.

Predictions means to forecast before an event happen + the timeframe it will happen.
Prediction = Event+Time. Predictions are what differentiate between a practitioner that do predictions and one who just read and explain the cards and inform you where you are at now. There are practitioners who are also like me, do not like to guess or simply say stuffs, hence we ask for your full birth details to cross check with astrology timing.

Predictors are different breed of tarot readers who uses tarot or astrology as a platform to do predictions and it is an innate gift+practice+current knowledge to deduce to an outcome for you. There are many type of predictors around including economists, analysts and scientists etc.

Tarot reading is one creative reading tools and hence, each practitioners are different with their own talent and innate gifts. When you do marketing, you don't need to use such marketing gimmick to make yourself look good. *facepalm*. People who resonate with you will come looking for you as everyone are assured of an abundance supply of clients from the Universe. As an astrologer, I know there are times I have to lay down my tools and take a break because there are planet configurations that will affect the accuracy of a reading and even credibility of an astrologer. The ebb and flow of these timing can even last a season or some short days and if you do not lie down, your reading service will be affected and your clients will not get the best of you or worst, getting into different problems.

I hope this give a glimpse of an answer to the question that is always on the mind of some clients I have too.
Before I go make another post, I need to do my own marketing too :O No one market for me, I gotta be a lone ranger and do it! :D

Check my service at

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March 2017 : Quick notes to all visitors especially for Tarot Reading

Tarot and Astrology Reading
Heyas all, please take note of revision of fees for my tarot reading service, effective from March 2017 onwards. If you or your friends are interested for a reading with me, these are some quick tips to get a reading applicable to all.

To schedule for an appointment, preferably please contact me at whatsapp by leaving a message. Once an appointment had been confirmed, you can make a payment anytime before a start of session. Non payment will NOT be entertained.
Our session ends when the time end, and there will be no follow up unless you want a new session. I am highly trained not to remember your problems so please make your own notes.

If you want a FREE reading, consider going to free websites or download your own tarot apps. 
Second note: I don't do video reading or recording audio as it will highly derail my train of thoughts. If you are not from Msia, consider getting a Whatsapp for phone to have online reading with me. 

Otherwise, just feel free to check out my fees below. Thank you!

Other notes: 
Please do not directly contact me at whatsapp and spam me with your problems. I don't do magic either, and I am not just serving you individually.  I am just sending free healing to help accelerate healing for you and all requests received will be put on a healing list and I send healing out to all in the list for as long as it takes. You just need to either email in or post your request at Soul Circles Distance Healing Group for other healers to participate.

For more information on Free Healing, go to this link