Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bucket list

It had been sometime I did not blog as often as I should. I had unfinished posts as well. But right now my mood is swinging like a yo-yo due to all my open chakras and healing works that I've been doing, ranging from cancer patients, jealousy, unrequited love to manifestations works. I don't even know most of the people in the list, but I just keep sending while some I really work on regularly due to urgent basis.

One of it is, I think a musician? Alda Evan?? Sigh...saw a post that he passed away recently. I already know that he can't make it the days I sent him distance healing, and the eyes opening was just a temporary thing, seeing his loved ones before he goes away. Another was someone's father in law, whom I also have the feeling earlier on that he can't make it too. And these two are not the only two that I know of in advance. There were another 3 cases like these that I know of in advance before, although I have no way of knowing them directly, just through someone else directly connected with them that I know of.

There is a reason why I don't want to tell you when you or someone else will die during an astrology consultation, or any other session. It is one of the protocol for me not to mess with destined fate. For me to help in buying time for someone, my own longevity will be reduced. If am really moved to help and utter the prayer for the permission...I have to exchange it with something else. I usually do when I know the stories are moving enough, example someone want to buy more time with the mother....I always have soft spot for mothers. I don't mention when I really do pray for it, because I don't want the person to be indebted as well.  But am now saving this for people that mean more to my life, until my skill and protection is higher for me to perform this on a more regular basis. 

However, what happens when you know in advance when you are gonna kick the bucket? Or roughly estimates it? That's the tough part, especially on the emotional side of it if you are not prepared to die. If you have to die early, either you just sit and wait for it or you strive to achieve all that you wanted to do on the short term basis. You can never think of your future and how it will be like. Your long term plans are just hopes that you will have more and more time. What about dying at very old age? You might complain that it's too long as well. So this actually all goes down to ...why not live as if you are going to die tomorrow and start making a bucket that you know you will have to do it before the time is up and you will appreciate every waking time you have, learn and try all you wanted and just live life to the fullest?

I think this way is least for myself. I got myself a big bucket list, just in case I don't see you all when I turn 34, or 45.  If I do see you all, oh man....I've got up to a long long time to finish doing those things on the list. The bottom of the list, as I keep adding, I hope it won't stop thou...because it is to be done for people that I love and want to help of as well. This is because to me, when they are happy and will be well taken care of, I am free and easy to go when it's time.      

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