Thursday, June 28, 2012

My wandering thought.....

They life it is like this...
teens to 20's you go parties
30's to 50's you celebrate anniversaries
and 50's to the end you  start visiting cemeteries.

Fundamental Vedic astrology indicates like this...
First death to your grandparents
Then Parents
Then the next generation

This is the natural process, where it is healthy, a blessing and it's in divine form. 

Anything in different order indicates unnatural order/process of death, whereby obstacles and challenges are certain.

Last but not least, in every death, there's a new life. And instead of death, we choose celebrating life.

Since death is certain but life is not, why put yourself in a box and wait for the day you got buried? Chase your dreams and live the life you wanted. There's plenty of time when you are done with life. Enjoy the maya while in maya, after all it's the journey that's worthwhile, not the destination.

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