Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Excellerate timing for everyone for this last quarter

There are only about 4 month left till the new 2013 approach. However I am particularly interested in this 4 months time frame, which is August to December 2012. This is because for this 4 months, the energy of self importance, love and change is happening at a faster pace. The earlier part of the year sees a lot of changes and questionings about your own self, what are you doing here, who are you, why are you here and such. My clients that come to me are all questioning these as well as in need of more healings. Even my free distance healing services are growing and growing at a faster pace. 

How I wish to say that we are all going through the same thing, just that it's in a different format and fashion. To be able to keep a cool head about it and yet help yourself and others, is one very challenging task this 2012.
However, now at this last quarter, most would have already awaken consciously or subconsciously that many things happen for the very reason for change and love. Many sees miracles, many sees blessings in disguise, and yet many sees heartbreaks simply because they can't let go of old ways and systems.

Love energy creates new realities, and love energy can help you to turn your hardest stone of heart into being more compassionate and remove apathy. Love energy is not confined to just lovey dovey relationship, it encompass love for yourself as well as for the bigger reality outside your own reality.
This last quarter will sees more drastic changes at a faster pace. The last keyword will be moving towards self governing, where your own judgement govern your very own positive self development. Fast changes are coming, and it's for you to ride or hide. But no matter how you resist it, you will have to face it even if you are resisting.

For healers, whenever we invoke the energy of love and blessings, doing healing works and sending across the globe our positive intents for humanity to grow, each time we invoke the systems, it heals on a global basis. This is simply because no one is alone and we are all one. I wish everyone can see what am foreseeing, as I can't be specific on it to leave you room for imagination and of a beautiful hope without obstructing your own destiny.

I do wish that thou, whatever we are doing,  give good thoughts to people who are less fortunate and also especially to animals...who needs love and protection too.

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