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About Us

Soul Circles is dedicated to the search of ancient modules that are still applicable to the modern society at large, delivering the truths back to humankind, repackage it to appeal to modern people and to educate people on these subjects as an alternative to lead a better life. We strive to let you know about these truths which are wholly connected to human spirituality without the dogma of religions.

The name Soul Circles has a certain unique meaning. The symbol of the circle indicates


Combining several circles together make a Vesica Piscis symbol which reflects what Soul Circles is about and doing. It is a sacred symbol in geometries for the mystical arts with maths, science and arts involved, bringing heaven and earth together. 

We endorse and support all form of knowledge and even products that have been tested and proven to help better the quality of our lives, health and environment.
We strive towards making the concept of ‘Oneness and Unity in Diversity’ a universal approach in our undertakings. 

A little about Oscar

Professional Vedic Astrologer (since year 2006)
Professional Tarot Reader (since year 2007)
Reiki Master (since year 2008)

Welcome to Soul Circles and may you succeed in everything that you do!

At Soul Circles : Director, Vedic Astrologer and Card Divination, Tarot Reader, Healer and Course Director

Other works: Real Estate Industry|Business Mgt|Wellness and Wholesome Healings|Events|Networker|Blogger|A true believer in multiple streams of income!

Oscar, the founder of Soul Circles, is a sought after Vedic Astrologer in the Klang Valley. Her database of clients consists of corporate clients, business owners, professionals and individuals from all walks of life. Besides doing astrology and tarot reading as consultancy works, she also conducts courses and workshops for Reiki and other energy modules. Her forte is at Vedic Astrology and energy manipulations for her clients. Currently, all her sessions are by appointment only, and is on a one to one personal basis with confidentiality as a benchmark of her professional ethics.

Love and light,

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Meanings of your Diseases in spiritual energy healings

Source from experienced intuitive healers. Most of the works are great and informational but not in details. Through my own healing works, I can vouch that most of the information are correct and the underlying meaning of diseases are to the point of accurate on the surface. I have put most of the theories to practice and getting feedback from others. Hence, these affirmations below are accurate, to my belief system. The original works of the affirmation should be credited to the author Louise Hay.

"How many times have we asked why God/Buddha/Great Spirit (or whatever name you use) allows pain, illness and suffering to exist? Some think illness happens by accident, or that is determined by fate, while others see it as a punishment by a Higher Power for something we have done. We have forgotten how to understand the inner meaning of illness, pain and suffering. It is my truth that all mental, emotional and physical manifestations of dis-ease are the result of a metaphysical (spi…

New group for distance healing

Dear Friends
I've started a group at facebook just for distance healing. It is to make Soul Circles distance healing service more accessible, gather people and healers around to send healing to whoever that needs it.  It just started today, and we will see how things evolve from here. Later things will be put together nicely, and integrate back to our main website and all. :)

Let us heal together.

For more information and distance healing request, please visit this group.

Before you call me for a consultation....

Contemplate these before you call me for a consultation
1) Do you believe in wholesome healing as remedies to your astrology chart? This is because no point just taking out a bit of your thorns, while you have a whole bunch of other matters that add to your problems.

2) I don't really care if you are to act upon my suggestions or not, but if you are to ask me, be ready to hear something that you do not like to hear, not what you choose to hear.

3) If I don't reveal the whole truth, no point forcing me, because that truth is something that you can't take in full contents and comprehension. Just wait for the magic to happen and you will appreciate my silence.

4) Don't ask me when you are going to die or how long you will live. This is a double edge sword question, where it's better you ask how to live your life to the best and fullest right now.

5) Don't haggle and bargains before you get my service. Bargains = Bar yourself from Gains. I am to serve you, if it&…