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Hi there,
I am a professional Vedic Astrologer, tarot reader and a Reiki Master. And yes, these are just 'titles' or 'names' for you to have an idea of what I do. Or relate to what I might be capable of.

However, titles are not important. The most important is for my services to be able to benefit you and help you. You can also learn from me about Vedic Astrology, rather than booking a ticket to overseas and learn it. Or learn about other things too.

I am not your typical kind of astrologer, especially from the temples or can you be heartlessly calling me a fortune teller, for I took years to do my studies and I don't ask you to pray with joss sticks for all your issues. (just kidding....)

So, if you want me to ... see you 
IN PERSON FOR CONSULTATION : Klang Valley, Malaysia. Please SMS/CALL/WHATSAPP 0166728068

by email - for all correspondence need

Face book               : Oscar Lai / Soul Circles

Thank you for your support to keep me going with my works and life!