Saturday, November 12, 2011

Recently concluded Reiki Class

Due to the slowwwwwness of blogger to let me update the pictures, you can get your pictures from the Facebook of Soul Circles here. I am still editing some videos for the Reiki class, will put that up at , however it will only be in mp3 format as video file will then be too big to put. Maybe a compilation of video captured on our Master doing her teaching, and if  you are connected in some way, you will find your way to us and be initiated by Master LC Seow.

Reiki need to be practiced after you are initiated. Nothing happens if after you got initiated, even years ago if  you do not use it. Use it since you are already attuned for life. This is what I am able to tell you to those who says that you don't feel much thing. And lastly, even if you are skeptical towards it, it still works. It is an intelligent system and it will still be here and survive so long, even if you don't believe. So open up your mind and heart, and keep learning.

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