Below are some of the testimonials I got for tarot reading and healing works


"Sorry Oscar for having you entertain to my call at 2am. I am grateful to have a listening ears and thank you for showing me some light. I promise to move on better" Angeline, KL

"I used to feel that being a mistress or secret lover of someone else, the people will look down on me. That is why I am reluctant to see any astrology nor fortune teller for I am not comfortable with the way I feel when they call me a mistress. It makes me feel like I am breaking up someone else happy home. But with you, it is different. I can open up myself and cry all I want, and yet you still give me the directions I need and stand on my side supporting me. Thank you so much" Suz, KL

"You are good! We will come again in 2 months time for another session" D and friends, S'wak

"Dear Oscar, thanks for your valuable time and for enlightening me with comprehensive guidance through tarot card reading. It has truly been welcoming to know those facts which I have chosen to be blinded for so many years. Thanks for leading me out from the lonely dark journey and to embrace the colourful rainbow path ahead of me! Thank you for giving me hope ..." Amour desiree, KL

"Sincere and helpful astrologer a.k.a new friend with full sense of humour for 1st impression. Detailed and 80% accuracy on my past and present relationship really impressed me. Thank you very much Oscar for your patience and spending super long hours with me on my heaps of Questions =P...She best recommended to all in need =)" El,Pg

"Wahhhh...that wife really come after me in those 3 days u mentioned!" Anonymous, PJ

"Lucky I know when that extra expenditure will come and saved up for it, if not I'll be caught unaware!Thanks!" El, KL

"Thanks for your session, I've got my dream house in less than a month!" SL, KL

"I should have listened when you said numerous times that am not suppose to go into legal business" Anonymous,KL

"You are very accurate when I asked about my relationships! You pinpointed that am involved with married men and the cycle never ends. The advice you gave is heart piercing. Thank you for showing me the way" Anonymous, Philipine

"Hey Oscar! If only I know you earlier. I've lost 20k in this few months when I am in Malaysia casino. I am going back to Germany early February and I will contact you regards the financial mapping that you recommended so I can win more at the casinos!" Theresa A., Germany

"Giving you my birth details could be my biggest mistake in life! but I reckon it's worth it. You understand me more than anyone else now and thanks for the predictions that you made. I'll be careful and prepared for the transformation in my business" Steward C., KL

"Very accurate predictions, very worldly and realistic solutions, very scientific and logic yet mysterious!" Phang, KL

"You are sharp and straightforward! Very appealing to modern people! I won't be surprise if one day you emerge as the top astrologer in Malaysia or the world" Danny, KL

"I will make you my lifelong astrologer for all my business needs." Sam, KL

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  1. Had heard a lot about you. So that's why I wanted an Appointment.