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hindu priest suicide - reincarnation points to proof by an extremist??

Raipur, Dec 24 - A three-day 'miracle' drama in Chhattisgarh's industrial town of Raigarh ended Monday afternoon after a Hindu priest, who had committed suicide promising to return to life within 72 hours of his death, was cremated.
Hundreds of people had laid siege around the body of 25-year-old Manoj Baghel, who ended his life Saturday by consuming poison at a temple in Raigarh, about 200 km northeast of state capital Raipur. Baghel had claimed that he would come back to life.
'The miracle drama is now over as the people, who had surrounded the body of the dead priest to witness the rebirth, handed over the corpse to the police for post-mortem Monday afternoon,' J.K. Thorate, superintendent of police in Raigarh, told IANS.
The people had surrounded the temple where the body was kept in a locked room and were refusing to hand it over to the police, expecting the priest to come back to life by late Monday.
'They lost all hope of rebirth of the priest,' the police officer said. The police have registered a case of suicide.
Thorate said after post-mortem, the body was handed over to the priest's father, Ram Prasad Baghel, a farmer, who cremated his only son.
The young priest was rushed to a district hospital after he consumed poison. He was then referred to a private hospital where he died. Baghel's relatives later brought his body back to the temple, where a huge crowd had gathered to witness the are birth miracle'.

This is a news excerpt from the star paper and also from the yahoo news online. I came across this piece of news when i was doing some diligent study on reincarnation and the Truths.
Truths have many layers (as my master had put it). it exist within all of us, and those who seeks shall find it not far from themselves. To get to the 'Truth', all one has to do is 'self realisation'.

Self realisation is another big topic with many layers of truth laden on it. to be able to know about oneself and realise where this one self come from, it will be awakening.

my master always say he sees us student as sparks of life. what is this spark of life? it is the soul, and the soul is our consciousness and consciousness is intelligence+ego+mind. so what it got to do with me studying vedic astrology under my master? apparently, to know myself and self-realisation. but when i really bury my nose in his teachings, i suddenly realise there are many layers to what he is teaching. this is because, truth has many layers and u need to peel it layer by layer to fully understand it, and return to where u come from.

U came from a few thousands of birth life, in different forms , in different body. to understand the truth, one need to understand that this body is just a vehicle, or just a piece of cloth where u'll be changing it after it gets old. when u transcend from this body to another body in any forms, only your consciousness is with u.thus a spark of life, injected along the sperm to the ovum. with this consciousness, if u have not been able to learn from your past experience or resolve the past issues, you bring along the energies and the waiting to fruitive cosmic energies with u to this life...karma. as the saying, when u leave, all u bring along with you are your sins and good deeds.

u chosed to be born on that day and that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with your individual karma. The horoscope is a map revealing your unchangeable past and its probable future results. The chart shows what we are now because of what we have thought and done in the past. Astrology, by providing us with a blueprint of our attachments, problems, talents, and mental tendencies, offers us a way of not only realizing in a specific sense of what our karma is, and helping us work with these confrontations within and without, but also a way of beginning to rise above and gain a perspective on this karma. and to rise above this karma, which is for never again be reborn and go tru the same birth and death cycle, is to be awakened,enlightened.
Bear in mind, the astrology chart do not have a section on 'this is the past chart and it's like this, this section is for the future lives since your present configuration is like this....' It is just a probable, a blueprint and the future life is in your present hand. the only way to relieve yourself from life u've been calling now is never to be born again, don't come back, shoo...use your free will well..

And the way to do it, as recorded in the scriptures, are meditations and to keep the mind in its pure form. or shall i say, to clean the mind / consciousness. The scriptures has given a lot of ways actually for one to return to the blissful heaven. to return to the path to God. this is because, god, is a greater spark of life and we are actually one with him but we choose to be away from him to satisfy our own senses. thus, being the ever loving god, we get what we wanted and we have a body (a body that suits our need). (hmm, i wish master can teach me meditation.. :P)

take for example astrology, or jyotish. it is a divine tool indicated in the vedas scriptures. all human life forms , in this whole earth, have a blueprint. and with this jyotish knowledge, we know that everyone's chart is different and unique, just like fingerprints. imagine this astrology as the tree trunk. and from there u'll see it's branches and leaves. it consists of other studies which has already evolved as it's own, example feng shui , numerology, palmistry etc. suppose i say , the leaves then should be 'religion'. the five major religions , namely hindu,islam,buddhist,judaism and christianity, has similar background and concepts. And they all point back to the Truth. and they all as recorded in their holy book, there are reincarnations, god and they never teach their believers to do bad things. but why the difference of the sect? why is there difference of sect in the major religions itself? the basic fundamentals of religion is the same, it is just a doctrine to control behaviours in moral terms to keep the world in order. same like a country needs laws to keep things in order. have u ever notice the 3 big religion in malaysia, namely islam, buddhist and hindu, when they observe their big holy events? the span of time is almost the same. just, different terms, different styles of worship. So this brings down to me, religion, being the moral branch lead by the guru, is also a way to the Truth. but this is tricky. is the guru, namely messenger of god, delivering the truth to the disciples in way where the truths is not altered? is the guru, has his own agenda or selfish gain?are the disciples, among themselves, have other versions of what it is suppose to be? and thus the politicking of religions and misuse of the knowledge to garner for himself power, fame and wealth and thus wars erupting with religions as an excuse? is the disciples, the commoner, understand what is the truth that is being preached? in this world, words are treasured because it is words, documented and can be read by generations upon generations. but in modern age, how many times of this words , carrying the truths, has been printed and reprinted and reprinted? how many ppl can testify if the words u are reading from some buddhist books are the truths, the universal truth? because as religion is just a moral police headquarter, a dogma to keep things in order, how many religious ppl really understand themselves and get transcend to neverland, or pure land , and this pure land also got divide between west and east? (this is a joke as i go tru the buddhist books am reading)

The buddhist also has this saying, put down your butcher knife and be a buddha instantly. this saying alone has many meanings. to some, it could be, if u repent your ways, u'll be enlightened and go to heaven straight away . to some, it is very unfair because this fella had been killing ppl all this while and yet instantly can be buddha just by putting down the knife. to me, it means, thou this person has been committing the sins, but if he repent, his consciousness received pureness like a newly born child and resolve his karma, he is enlightened and will be given a new chance again. for god is mercy and loving. how bout someone who has been religious and pious, but if he commit sins till the last moment of his death, he haven't repent? then probably he'll have to undergo rebirth again, with new karmic agenda for future lives.

Back to the news excerpt above, the hindu priest suicide himself just to prove that reincarnation exists and he can come back to his body within 3 days. This to me, is half knowledge. The scriptures already stated with enough proof, long before science want to conduct experiments on soul searching, that reincarnation exists and jyotish is a skill left to humans to use for understanding their true form, 2ndly, suicide is ending a life prematurely, before the time has come as in blueprint. and of course, that's 'free will' , he is indeed goin far end to prove a point. which is the dead end. but to his karmic agenda, this priest will not be able to come back to his body, cuz i think, after 3 days, what use is the body? it'll be rotten. the six senses has already gone from the body. and at another world, probably servants of lord of death and servants of lord will be debating where to put him. probably they will be sayin, since u wanna test the scriptures, might as well u go back to the cycle and reborn again and study again.
(tskkk tskkk....). and what good it brings if he really did indeed can come back? is he can rejoice and be egoistic that he has walked to the other world and come back? and be a living proof to other human that if u do like me, then probably if u don't like this body, u can come back and choose a new one, INSTANTLY. then i wouldn't mind choosing avril lavigne as a substitute.
probably this hindu priest, has already 'jau for yap mor' , meaning, study till mad . probably, just probably, maybe someone should tell him, to get this out of body experience, u can do it in dreams or meditations, without using the harsh way to the body.
afterall, this body is what i chose before i was reborn, to be able to reincarnate in a human body, is very fortunate because we are all given a chance and the intelligence to rectify past issues, awaken our spirituality, and at the same time, resolve our karma for future lifes till one day , we can walk back to the loving arms of the big Spark! meditation course available?

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