Monday, December 24, 2007

I recently joined yahoo!answers!

I recently joined yahoo!answers (around last week) and i answer random questions in the astrology category. Almost all the questions are base on western system and the questioners are mostly using terms of the western astrology. I tried answer their questions which can be answered/completed/probable using my vedic knowledge in helping them to find the answers. and today my first ever question got voted best answer!

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My Sun,Venus,Mars are all Capricorn 5th House: How would u define my personality/profile?
I'm also cusp Jan 19 (Cap/Aquarius) with high but limited levels of attraction to men with air signs. Was married 14 years but found myself attracted to other men, got bored with marriage and staying home full-time with kids. I've read that a strong 5th house presence (I have 4 major planets in house 5) loves family, home and children yet in limited amounts and maybe that's me?? Trying to figure myself out...thanks for your input. Signed, "Confused"
Additional Details
Also have moon in cancer house 11 which helps offset some strong Capricorn and Aquarius in my natal chart.

by o_scarlai
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hi,having venus in 5th house capricorn, or shall i say, having venus in capricorn, it's almost always u will encounter failure in love appeasant. it's very hard to satisfy you in love, for you , emotionally, need a lot of commitment and assurance from ur partner that he loves u. that person have to know the strategy to keep you appeased. moon in own sign, all 11th hse issues is protected from harm and also emotionally, thou u are protected as well, but still with venus in capricorn, u find most of the ppl that u love, later u are not satisfied with them. ve+mars in 5th hse, separation from love. sun+mars in 5th hse, love passion strong, fiery, and if too fiery (depend on transiting planets) will also lead to separations in all 5th hse matters.

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