Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mercury Retrogade

if this is not mercury retrogade playin a fool with then really is my pc of 7 years need to be thrown out and be replaced with a new one asap.
mercury retrogade is known to create trafic accidents, computer crashes, all mode of communications fucked up and confusions. and i thought i will be safe cuz i don't have a retrogade for mercury. ARghhhhh....history repeats itself.
during the previous mercury retrogade, i crashed my car twice and another car need servicing. i spent almost 1.5k on both car. then, i got scared and did not on my pc for i know that time the hard disc was sort of hanging. this time, my pc kept gaving me problems. and on top of that, the hard disc hang again and again like the previous time.
i told my masters, they said, your pc very old...get a new one! alrite...i will, but i am still very attached to my pc. 2 nites ago, i was still tryin to fix my pc, by taking out one of the memory and then putting it back but unsuccessful. i also accidentally pull out one of the cable to the processor and it is still torn now. my speaker gone cuckoo...there's no sound coming out from it. i even put a new battery to the mother board and i reinstall my graphic card because there's some part of the graphic card which have burnt mark. oh man... it's not working.
But today, now, 5 days after the effect of mercury retrogade is completely gone....blardy!!!! my pc can on! pc is on..!! back to normal. no more hard disc hanging, the memory is working fine, i can still see my pc desktop and my speaker is churning out music! wahahaha... i have more than a hundred mails to check!
Gee...if this is the case, i'll make sure every mercury retrogade i won't on my pc no matter what! no matter u take a pistol and point it to my head also i won't on it! wahahaha...till it is time for me to get a new desktop then i will put this one down. my desktop is especially for me to play games....hehehehe and also do some works. i will be getting a laptop coming march. and am blardy sure i won't be buying this laptop on a mercury retrogade...i'll buy this laptop for work purpose and am gonna make sure it's a + + day !!

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