Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The 1st batch new seekers!

From Left-Right: Val,mel,Jy
Here's introducing you to our new students, 1st batch new seekers of Vedic Astrology in our first class conducted at Institute of Astrological Science since we have our own learning centre!
Hi everyone,
Nowadays i've been pretty sized up to do everything and manage everything of the Institute of Astrological Science while awaiting the grand 'welcome-back' of my Master, Dr Agnihotri. I hope i've not been neglecting my spaces online , but if i am i can't help it! :P . Anyway, while awaiting his coming back, with his and sidekick Uncle Ng blessings i've managed to conduct the Basic Vedic Astrology Class for the weekends and more activities and classes will be conducted in the near future to keep the students coming in and enlarging our circle of Astrology friends! Meanwhile, please keep yourself updated to the upcoming activity next week, and please be kind enough to inform your friends and family too about our Institute new learning center and to those who want to learn vedic astrology as beginners, for passion or as a hobby or even to compliment your current income, please feel free to give me a call.

Meanwhile, pls be informed that we have alternate activities coming up, slowly being introduced week by week to the public and announcements will be made accordingly. For the mean time, our basic vedic class is on sat and sun 4 - 6 pm, the fees will be revised next week for better study materials and costs incurred but still very affordable for people serious enough to acquire a lifelong skill that sticks to you like your natal chart! Please look tru The Star paper metro classified under 'Education' and our classified ads is there, so that you can show your friends and ask them to join! The Malay Mail classified ads will be out on 5th of May too so please, show your friends too and support us!

May your stars shine bright!
(Your course co-ordinator and speaker)

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