Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Free Prediction Clinic for Horoscope Bank Members

All members of Horoscope Bank and students of Master are invited to attend the Institute's Prediction Clinic Session on this coming Sunday 4th of May 2008 at 4pm to 6pm as a refresher of your basic predictive skill and as a goodwill gesture, you can bring along a live person (not cockroaches) birth chart for analysis cum case study with feedback!(feedback is the main concern as it will greatly help the progress of the new students)
Please treat this session sacredly as a group study session and may we benefit from this spiritual transaction.

You can also bring your friends/family along to have their chart read in the class but please not be unhappy IF your chart is not read or presented (depend on time factor and first come first serve basis) as you can always come back again for the next free prediction clinic!

Do register for this FREE prediction clinic to 016 220 8184 via sms indicating your attendance as it is limited to maximum 12 participants only.


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