Monday, May 12, 2008

Are you an astrologer of impeding dooms day prophet?

Most of the time, people only look for solutions or answers when they are in dire need in a problematic situation. whatever help or solutions that are offered will be grab without thinking much as long as it works. when in situations like this, if the fella did not stop to think twice whether it is worth it or not, he will make a wrong move that he will regret. the problem become a bigger problem. take example of a person , addicted to gambling . when in dire need, he will turn to the loan sharks for fast cash delivery/approval. he did not stop to think twice, because that solution is what feed his need, fast. this solution at the same time , give him temporary relief of material pain, but at the same time, plunge him into a deeper bigger mess. whoever are involved or is in his circle, will be affected or pull into a karmic event.

so, putting it in simpler form, most of the time, people most probably will only think of looking for an astrologer when they are in a dire need. be it for love issue, financial issue, career issue etc. most of the time, people will just live their life as it is without an astrologer. or even after meeting an astrologer, they will forget about what had been said after the meeting. My question is why? how come like this? what is their perception towards an astrologer?

some people dare not go to an astrologer because of fear . the fear of predictions coming true, prefering to take it as it comes or let nature runs her course. so this falls back to the astrologer. are astrologers nowadays using the scare tactics? are astrologers nowadays using psychology to manipulate a seeker's emotional intelligence? "tomorrow you are going to meet with an accident and you will be a gone case! prepare your funeral now! unless you get this special gem/amulet/ritual (read:spend more more more money) and this disaster can go away" okay...a little dramatic, but this is a very real situation happening and most of my clients has this perception and some, experienced for themselves.

what is more blessed than having a module/system that can give you a foresight of what is going to happen in your life and offer you solutions based on your own chart? what is more divine than learning about yourself and finding out what is it that your soul need to learn before flying off to another plane? and what is more efficient having astrology as your sacred tool to find what you want, right what have been wrong and change what can be changed? so what are you afraid of?

this then must falls back to the astrologer again. is the astrologer too enterprising? until whatever problems also can be settled by wearing ten gemstones on your ten fingers? has the astrologer been holding something back so that you will be more and more curious and would not mind forking out more to know the entire predictions without solutions yet? (solution will be another package of crystals/gemstones/poojas/rituals/fengshui/change name/clairvoyance/pyschic etc).

This will kill this divine profession slowly and surely. if you have been practicing astrology and reaping the rewards/monetary benefits tremendously by being dishonest, you are no different than a leech, leeching on this doom soul. you will have no difference with a conman too. What goes around will come around.

Astrology is a subject of truth. it never lies. only the one understanding it can have the tendency to manipulate truth for his/her selfish gain. Astrology is a tool for us to use for our own good. it can also be one of The Way to truth if we see it spiritually. if we are practitioner of truth, then we should not be dishonest. double it up with loving kindness, we actually can make astrology a better profession, especially vedic astrology since vedic astrology is more to predictive system.

how? by not always being a dooms day astrologer. if you see negativity in the chart, use your position and trust given by the customer to guide the customer back to the right path. if your customer has to undergo the karmic event, teach your customer how to fulfill the condition and teach your customer to look on the positive side. teach them how to activate the positivity. if you have to recommend a gemstone, make sure it is something your customer agreed to, not being forced upon or duped into it. be an astrologer that brings good news to people, be an astrologer who has something nice to say even in the midst of ugly truth. positive back all your negative keywords. as it is, negative keywords are for your customers to know what will happen, what challenges they are going to face and ,what will be their karmic event coming. positive keywords are the solutions.

try it! save our own profession. be an astrologer of good will and hope. if i have to hurt, i rather hurt with truth. let your customer walk out of that consultation room with renew faith, hope and courage to face their problem and top it up with workable solutions. You will start to enjoy and reap more satisfaction other than that worthless few hundred bucks you just made. it will even give you good fruits for your next life for helping and reconnecting your humanitarian touch. and best of all, you will save Astrology from misunderstandings and bad perceptions.

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