Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Money Back Guarantee!

Of late, I have been getting calls from potential clients in regard to the astrology classes that I've been giving for the past one month. Some have even considered consultations which I have been offering for the past one year.
The usual response, or the conclusion that they have made is..."What? A Chinese little girl giving classes on Indian/Vedic Astrology? Seriously?" (I can't help it but to laugh)

Okie, my voice might sound like a little girl to you, and you can say it's quite sweet :) . But please don't let my voice fool of a mature legal age "big smile". On top of that, thou my physical / bodily age might still be young in your context, but my soul is not! Take a look at FengShui Master Joey Yap, he is only 30 years old and what achievement! But well, compare not , because we're different unique person alltogether.

In various religious scriptures and such, it had been telling us to acquire knowledge to no matter where it is. Besides that, I urge you not to be concerned too much about who is teaching or what colour/age/race/creed/gender that i am or whether I have a humourous style of presenting or a sombre style that can make you fall asleep right in front of me, but the essence of which I can deliver to you and be able to teach you about Vedic Astrology. The main objective at the end of the class is for you to be able to read your own chart and slowly rediscover Vedic Astrology in another light.

I will and I can deliver what I promise and I see this as a mutual benefit. I can guide you if you are new and have a burning desire to learn, and your little investment for my time is for me to continue my own destiny in the pursuit of higher knowledge, where in return I will give back higher knowledge to the society. It's a mutual chain.

Besides that, we all know, nobody can claim to know everything in this world. Truth will be truth if it is tested and experienced. You could even be my Master in some field that I don't know of and I humbly admit that I still have a lot to learn in Life. Therefore, I would like to extend a friendly hand so that we can discover the right path together and help each other on the way.

To protect your utmost importance of your investment for my time in giving you this knowledge, I am offering anyone joining the next classes a "Money Back Guarantee" .

The Terms n Conditions
I will refund you your full payment upon completion of the classes if you indicate that you have got nothing to learn or benefit from the classes, which is you can't read your own chart even after I have taught you how in or out of the class. I will not question your ability but will value your honest feedback on why you fail to learn something. Last but not least, you get to keep the copyrighted course materials for your own reference!

Good deal? So come and seek me...and I will give you what you are searching for!

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