Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some new changes coming up soon

There'll be some new changes coming up which I hope I can implement soon, like changing this website host to a dot com because this platform is limited. I wish to section this website , one entirely for upcoming classes schedule, and another section for the students as a research and discussion area and one more section for astrology musing. blogspot here is limited. and also my web building skill is limited too so gotta take some time!

Currently i've put in a chatbox on the side bar if u notice, this is for anyone wanna leave a message or comments or testimonial, and even questions or anything abt astrology or just a friendly chat if you want to. looks convenient to me, but not sure yet if it will compliment yours. but can give it a try :)

coming classes is on this week 31st may 2008! i am currently trying to make the schedule to this :-- as in students coming in for the first week at early 4-6pm and then the next week 7-9pm. hopefully new students will be able to make the shift as well, because i've not yet redesign or put in to the announcement. previous students who want to come for refreshers can check with me on the latest schedules. It is encouraged for previous students to come for refreshers so that they won't let their new found knowledge go to waste. and here's a tip, every new class, whenever there are new cases and even questions, there is a chance to learn new things out of the notes that you are holding! not that am holding on to the knowledge and not let it all out, but there are many things which won't be covered for time sake, but when the time comes and someone pop up the question or a live chart is given, there will be certain configuration that i need to point out when fine tuning your predictions, that's when you will learn more and more.
In this class, it's not how long you've spent on theories or books, but how many live charts you have read. The more you do it hands-on, the more faster you can do predictions!

And hopefully by next month or july, i'll be able to do extra classes in the morning of weekends as well or add in more classes for weekday nights! And around the end of the year, hopefully my plans to teach meditation for free or a small fee will be realised. This too depends on some factors so come back always for updates!


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