Monday, August 11, 2008

best thing in life for me? solitude and blessings

being alone and doing things in my own solitude...has been almost a 3 years routine for me. hence my brain is upside down at times...can't really differentiate between hallucinations or imaginations or fantasy..or if it's real.
tried astral projection on a friend...sometimes accurate, sometimes there's doubt. but i did manage to see. well well...i got lots of blessings. one of it is a divine blessings. i see stars. the feeling is much better than if u take weed or have orgasm...haha... but who's that...i've no idea. probably some long lost friends or spirits that have been following me for a few past lives.
a halfway failed dat died at meditation...this life am seeking to continue and complete...if it takes my whole life be it! i just need some solitude again.
arranging to put down everything, settle most of the damn things and then rent out my stall business so i can do my other stuffs and hopefully...just once...go to places that i wanted to go. :)


  1. i can understand when u mentioned that ur not sure is it real or just hallucinations or imaginations. Cos i find it hard to differenciate as well LOL! sometimes it's good to do a cross reference to find out which one is the real deal ;)

  2. not so alone anymore~~