Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Soul Circles website ready !

At last at last...i've finally got the website ready. it's at www.astrologymuses.com . frankly speaking, i haf no knowledge in html and such but heh... macromedia was really awesome. I can haf it done. but it was...damn.. crazy! cuz i was taking such a long time to do it. I made this website twice, because the first one, i was not satisfied at all. this one now is better. hope i can make it better in future. And YeS! am so happy i can stop using my blog here to market those classes. this blog is meant for my own ranting! :P

oh yeah. sounds so stupid too. the company is soul circles, but the website is astrologymuses... yeah..i was in a haste.. i wanna use astrologymuses , i like da word muse...then ...later i like soul circles...so u see, accidents happen..the company name and the website name don't jive...*gloom* aieh...nvm la...am still the same :P

now pls tell all ur frens that i've change to astrologymuses.com! this blog is saved for me to use explosive language okie :)

*grin* once am done with this..i will take another good freaking 3 months to set up my another event website...if i have the time.

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