Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Saturn and Moon configuration in vedic astrology

There are pretty much articles written on Saturn and Moon alone. Much more so about Saturn and Moon in the birth chart by houses or by sign placement. However, I've found an interesting 'trait' after some time reading on birth charts/people who have Saturn Retrograde AND Moon together in a chart. In some unique placement whenever SaR and Moon are together, the same event or essence of the events are almost the same to many people. The only thing different is how it happen.

So if u have found someone whose birth chart have SaR and Moon together, at any degree, regardless of their story...try give them these prediction / analysis of these and see if there's any similarity in the keyword or traits.

SaR and Moon @ 1st house : person is secretive and emotionally suppressive, even if he is happy or not, he try to not show it. at times when alone, native turn very depressive.

@ 2nd house : money or income usually from ways out of the approval of authorities or norm of societies...e.g. illegal business, or earnings from traditional or alternative 'healers/trance/witch crafts'.

@ 9th house : The last to know or never know of the death of native's father, not available by father's bed at death.

@ 6th or/and 12th house : serious illness or weird illness where he can't go to hospital or modern medical facility for treatment for the cause is unknown, no cure or the person is billed as normal. In some cases where the 12th house with SaR and Moon together is also with either Rahu or Venus or Mars as natal planets or transiting or aspecting, native have a higher tendency to be harmed or afflicted with black magic or the like eg curses.

so far these are the most significant traits that I've discovered. will explore on SaR and Moon in other placement of houses and signs as well if I found a few people with it. If u have any interesting info on this as well, do share! :)

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