Tuesday, October 14, 2008

freaking busy!

currently very busy with consultations! been doing consultations at a restaurant, at places like damansara , pj and etc, and got around 2 ppl wanted me to do daily readings....aiyo...i dunno how to charge this one, but nevertheless i'll just do it and see how. :) i've a few charge rate, but nevertheless mostly are very flexible.
sometimes i do undercharge, but most of the time i get my professional rate. anyway, professional rate are really challenging, because it really demand me to be so detail in the reading and the way i handle it are, be outright honest for every reading or predictions whether bad or ugly. mostly, the first few predictions i made will get them to sit up straight and listen. and then it's problem solving time. but that is one time session, and with most coming back for 2nd time and numerous time. but daily basis? erm...do i charge for 'bulk sale' or do i charge like...hahaha...professional charge times 30days! am gonna be very rich soon if i charge like this! but anyway...sigh..still can't decide anything yet..cuz i don't really know how will this go. will figure this out in the next 2 days as i've 'homeworks' to pass up soon! anyway, fyi, i do rake up all the profits, but i don't use all the profits because i donate a portion of it out as soon as i got my fees.

been visiting an old folk's home lately...took some pics, hope to load up here soon. more stories on the old folks there soon. in summary, it had been the happiest month of my life this year for being able to help the needy and deserving. this is where i spend my portion of consultation fees :P . i've been doin healing and reiki for them, and also massage with another 2 maid. at least, they don't complain and can't wait for us to come every week. but the best part is, it is our own unwillingness to leave the place when our session end because we were so happy chatting them up and seeing them smile and sometimes whine like a baby..sweet! i've also been supplyin them with some medicines on a weekly basis...and i'm now lookin for a dvd player for them and sourcing for nutritious supplements that they can take. one serious case is a nerve based case. anyone would like to contribute to this little charity project of mine, u are welcome to contact me!

till then....ciaoooo

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  1. Hey...its cool what you're doing. Can I help to contribute some money to it? U can use it to buy stuff for the old folks.

    Keep up the good work!