Thursday, October 30, 2008

activating the 12th house

i've preached enough on the 12th house keywords and making use of 12th house as part of remedies. it's enough talk and actions have to follow in order to fulfill the conditions. and all those practicing of theories is not enough if there's no action!
some wonderful things do happen when we serve with a sincere heart! like...3 of us strike numbers given by those uncles and aunties...almost every week... :)

here, this is uncle foong being massaged. he is having a serious nerves problems. i hope i can find him a sponsor soon to sponsor him Stolle milk so he can be able to heal faster. the cost for the milk is rm143 for 2 weeks. a month he'll need rm286 to drink this milk. u can check out this stolle milk and see why he is suitable to drink this milk. and even your family members might benefit from it. it can help healing of the immune system, nerves prob, stroke, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, blood etc. its a skim milk directly from new zealand. if u have extra to spend and wish to sponsor him, pls give me a call as soon as possible or email me! i can even bring u to meet him so u can decide if he is worth ur help. :)

the three stooges on charity works... hahaha... above in white is bu shukri...and the other is bak two faithful devoted frens cum workers!

arh...after a 'hard day' work! how come there's no me in the pic? cuz am busy taking pictures and doing reiki healing for them...

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