Sunday, November 23, 2008

Karma - It's not Fair!!

Many people at one time will wonder, why am I not born rich? Why am I not more good looking or handsome? Why that fella have to suffer as a handicap while this fella who is doing no good is rich and good looking and driving a ferrari? It's damn not fair! Why that evil chap is living a long life while good chap have to report to Heaven earlier? The world is not fair! Yada yada yada...

Well, please before you start blaming the sky, the earth, the Hell, the Heaven and the God, why condemning other people? Look back to the one in the mirror. Be grateful that u r still alive and is able to better your future in the present time.

If we understand the concept of time and space, then we will know that the future is taken care of if present we make the right choice. God is loving God is kind..he won't want to make his creation suffers or get burnt in Hell like what had been told and drummed to us from the religious books.

All that is happening is our own exertion of free will. Karma is like a balancing law. U get what u sowed. But it's one intelligent law that human might have difficulty trying to balance it.

From astrology charts, u can see that it takes transiting planets to hit on the natal planets to trigger events. The planets are always moving. From this concept, you can know that for every actions we have taken, the consequence will sure come be it in a short while or when the time is ripe. So since our soul had been living for so many past lives, our past (life) actions that we had accumulate will come to fruition in this life and thus that's all the 'unfairness' that we've been seeing!

Want to know what's in your past life? who are u in ur past? Look at ur present. Wanna know what's ur next life will be like? Look at ur present. so be thankful u r alive so u can correct past mistakes and learn more so u will have a better future!

and remember, take out the context of space and time, and u'll one day come to realize, all our actions will have the consequence, sooner or later. some will come immediate, some will come later, but it'll sure come. the planets move at varying degrees, for them to hit ur natal planets, that's when it will happen. no more blaming, just accept and acknowledge that it's part of the choices we've made and learn and earn the experience so we can move on quickly!

that's for those who knows their astrology chart. When we use astrology to know ourselves better, we can exert our will power and free will in changing our pre-destiny. For those who don't know their astrology chart, they will have to learn through other means like learning from the experience itself and exert their will power and free will to change for the better. is fair. just don't u wish upon others to have their bad consequence comes faster if u r angry with them. just wish them well and take care of ur own's hard to even take care of urself, so no need take care of other people's karma. Whatever we sow, so we shall reap!

Whatever goes around, will come around. Put your parents in the old folks home cuz ur busy with ur life? Ur child will learn from u and next time have higher probability to put u in there as well. Love gossiping about others? U'll be the butt of jokes in future and u'll feel damn damn damn damned. Love speeding on the road? Love eating 24 hours? Love to cheat people's money? Love to take what's not yours? Love money politics? Love boot-licking? well, love doing everything or anything and be ready to accept the consequence responsibly without blaming anyone up there. After all, u've been happy with ur own choice when doing it.'s fair lah!

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