Wednesday, February 25, 2009

am back!

sorry that i've not been updating as frequently as i wished to. i know lots of people had been visiting the site and this blog and posting in the questions to my email. will take the time to answer some of the mails by putting up new posts for this few days. there are even reiki healing requests at the official site and it's really good, i wish everyone well. i might not be replying the mails but for sending reiki, i always make sure i do it. :)

what happen? well.. was busy for the festive season (chinese new year) and then consultations. more and more ppl are referring their friends for a reading and sometimes remedies. anyway will make more new posts ! i promise lah. and haha...there are even ppl asking about stolle milk . well will make a post on that too , it's a product am selling and it's not really that suitable for a astrology blog, but well... it IS a remedy for health . ha ha ha ha ha.

be positive! be happy! and all good things will be attracted to u :p
will be back soon for more posts as am now going out for my first real social night with friends at the pub (which means no works to discuss about at this outing, just plain enjoying and partying!!!) after 2 years in cave!! he he he he he

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