Friday, February 27, 2009

remedies for all ur urgent need.

I had been working on a few cases lately, and most of them require remedies and preventive measures. from anything and everything that u can imagine of.

well, vedic astrology has all the remedies for all the problems. but most of the remedies it has do not suit my customer base as most of my customers are chinese. neither do they will encounter any cows on any day to give food to or will go to a hindu temple to do poojas.

so my remedies mostly have to be altered to suit their situations. I have come across some client who uses fengshui as remedy. however, the fengshui remedy, although it works to bring in the wealth, it had also spoiled the marriage and health of the family members. this is not to say that fengshui remedy is not good, but it is more to the masters who are doing it.

i think a lot of ppl had been putting the wealth and richness in financial category too much. not everything can be solved when u have more and more money. the most that i wish to emphasize is, whatever remedies it is, be it fengshui or even magic, have to bring balances in all areas, harmonize all energies for all family members or connected people and bring betterment and positive results. we must not be gullible hence be taken advantage of.

The most important remedy that I discovered is for most of the problems, lies at the place between your two eyes...literally, ur head and mind! so, well...your mind is one of the most important remedy u can get for free. however...if u need my service to help u , or even just lend u some thinking, u can always get in touch with me. even for free or a minimal fee. :)

think positive, have faith and surrender urself to your loving God and you will be lifted


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