Tuesday, March 17, 2009


have any of u especially astrologers , got fed up of predictions? i have actually got fed up with predictions when it come to predicting my own chart, :( . i felt that i knew too much and there's no more surprise element in it. the most scary predictions i have for myself are those of karmic debts that i have to pay. why not? it's my own chart! my own life! am the one facing it! but then, if i don't go tru or fulfill the conditions for this karmic debt, how am i going to progress to the next level? So right, u big car, come and bang me this october! am ready and fully prepared. if am hiding, i'll hide at a temple. if am not hiding, i'm also mentally prepared. i am not scared, but just very scared of physical pain to my body, i hate pains! who likes it anyway? but anyhow, am okie with it. :P

U sicky illness, come this april and i'll douse u off with all my weapons! come come...ah.. cuz i can't wait to fulfill the conditions so that i can go on to the next level. :P

Interesting transits also hit on my love department. this, i do not want to fulfill the condition. it means, am falling for someone but i do not want to spoil the feel good feelings of being friends. am scared of the outcome cuz i stopped predicting there. so how? i'll sacrifice my own self while wait for the transits to pass. damn! am getting spiced up. one part of it indicated good time for it, one part of it in me is timid! grrrr... so conflicting. ok, i like u alot.. but......i've karmic debts to pay. big joke!

"Wife: let's make love darling
Astrologer: transit indicates if we make love now at this time, we will lose much of our energy and will be late for work. you will also get unexpected disease or pregnancy"
"Wife: Damn astrologer. why did i even choose one????"
Astrologer: That's your KARMA

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