Thursday, September 3, 2009

Reiki Animals

Ah...this seems interesting but it's happening. Reiki...the universal life force energy for all living things..and non living. (What's Reiki??? can try google , much had been written on it so there's no need for me to repeat)

Well, I have been attuning some cats with Reiki after concrete evidence that animals do response to energy, especially cats who are very sensitive towards energy. The purpose? At first my intention is to have Reiki angels from the animal kingdom to protect the strays from untimely death, unfortunate accidents, abusive human and protection for their highest good to lessen their physical sufferings.

After attuning my own stray cats, they started to change for the better. Some changed to be more friendly, some more verbal, some looks pampered, while some seems to understand more towards what we're saying at times. Some love the energy, while some ran away because they have had enough! Nevertheless, whatever their response is, they did display some changes, only visible to owners who are long enough to be with their pets to notice.

Here are some pictures from this 'project' on the Reiki cats we had, and of course, some are cats from other Reiki Masters as well who had been attuning their beloved pets with reiki.

So,glad to say, if ur pet display character like, fear because of abuse , trauma, or have unknown physical pain (before u can reach the vet), give them many love with Reiki as well. Even on the way to vet, we'll keep on administer Reiki to the cats, they will quiet down and calm down...but not when they smell the doc!

PS: You can attune your pets with Reiki if you are a master, just do like how you would on your student, with some steps omitted for animals for convenience sake, or u can write in to ask for the definite steps and procedures. Or you can call to have it done on your pets for a small fee :)

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