Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Giving reiki to your pets

Based on some feedback from emails that i've got, regard this topic... heheh... i would like to reply back that my writing with regard to reiki and animals is based on domestic pets or stray of cats and dogs. the other unique type of animals like monkeys, snakes, spiders, fish and all else...i've no idea! but you can try if you want and is in a safe environment and condition you feel not dangerous. however, using common sense, if an animal especially mammals or hot blooded type shows a little bit of consciousness and not beast like in response, no harm trying in assisting them to open up to their animal wisdom.

what you need to know is what is your intention and whether the giving of it is appropriate. Example, if you have a bleeding animal , it's NOT REIKI that you have to give first. It's first aid! After that only you give Reiki to assist healing.

However, there was some time back when i first started doing healing works for animals, and my first 'miracle' was healing of a bird. This bird @ dove suffered a broken wing and landed at my balcony for weeks. One day, i was free and started giving it Reiki. It is scared if i am near and even if i put it in a pail, it is so scared it wanted to fly away but can't. Later, i put it out of the pail and let it hide in a corner. Then i give her distance healing. Well, it did not work. :( I then started to put in chants and prayers while giving her reiki. Still, it tilt it's head sideway and as if trying to make sense of what am i mumbling about. At last, i chant 'OM' with Reiki as well and it responded. It flapped it's broken wing as if it got hit by a wave of electricity. After about 1 hour of chanting, it flew away.

So you need to try many ways till u get some results. sometimes, you are guided by angels from the animal kingdom and you have a set of steps that are workable. sometimes, just the 'Intention' and lots of faith and the energy can transmit to the animal as lots of love. One new workable way for a very distressed cat is this which i've discovered that can help calm and sooth the pain ... best for hands on
1) visualize Hon Sha
2) state intention
3) visualize [if you have Master symbol] and/or Chokurei
4) chant either OM  or OM Mani Padme Hum  or OM Namo Baishajaya Guru Buddhasa
5) 7 times in one breath of step no 4, blow to the animal from the nose to it's 3rd eye back to it's nose
6) do step no 5 for at least 7 times
7) visualize sei he ki and then cho ku rei.
8) go back to step no 1

Good Luck and awaiting your feedback again :)

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