Friday, September 11, 2009

Energy Exchange

First of all, let me explain what is energy exchange in laymen terms. when u receive service, help, products or good will kindness from other people for your own lifestyle and personal improvement, u return the energy and effort rendered.

Example 1: electricity that is being supplied to your house is a form of energy that can be calculated and it comes to u every month as ur bill to pay. it got cut off once u decided not to pay the bills

Example 2: someone found your wallet and took the trouble to return it to u. U treat him a meal and make friends and embark on a new friendship , or u give him some money in gratitude. it is also very true that every good deeds have to be made known and honoured so that more ppl will do more good by awarding rewards for good deeds done. [ Confucius teaching]  so u give him money. if he don't accept, u feel 'not nice' and feel that u owe this person 'something'

Example 3: u go to a doctor for ur health problems and u get treated and u pay the bill.

Which means, energy exchange is u get something and u return it. For this time and age now, the forms of energy exchange is either with a meal, money or barter system.

So now , this boils down back to certain different perspective and values of people.
for the world and life to go on now, money is the most recognized standard form of energy exchange tools.

And i am writing based on a practitioner of astrology and other metaphysics profession point of view with clients and friends.

I take my practice and service rendered as a professional service and career. In terms of astrology, an astrologer spent years to accumulate on knowledge and skills, sometimes a lifetime as astrology is a vast topic like the ocean,  whereas a doctor do not spend more than 10 years to get their medical certification and is a professional in their profession.

So an astrologer is a professional profession as they are required to be knowledgeable in their field as well as all other affairs and of the material world and spiritual world.

A doctor perform surgery on you with you signing an acknowledgment that you won't hold them responsible if u die during surgery. An astrologer works with you and karma is the regulatory law in this that can bring forward to next life. So it is also a serious work as serious as putting ur own life on the surgery table.

An astrologer spent thousands in order to acquire knowledge and time in order to perfect this art, where after that they render their service to other people. Some are calculable, while some are hidden costs. A doctor also spend money and time to acquire their knowledge and get back their return of investment later. An astrologer deal with all aspects of your life, while a doctor only deals with specific illness of your health problems.

So why do you not want to pay for service but expecting free service,  rendered by an astrologer or a diviner, or a psychic or a healer or anyone that takes these metaphysics subjects as a career? Going in further, a psychic can do angel readings for you, let you know about premonitions and etc where this is a talent not found on all tom , dick and harry, so to speak. so it's also a profession.  is it because you think it's pretty much a joke or not a recognized profession? Well, if the tax department accept tax revenue from anyone earning more than RM2001 (in Malaysia) , it means they are recognizing your earning power and have to , by law collect the tax. So as an astrologer, healer and such that earns more than that and have their tax paid and the tax office accept it, it means the law recognized the way their income is earned as legitimate. try telling them, "hey i get my income tru astrology bizness and am earning 10k a month, do u have to tax it? they will tell you the answer and u know the answer. so if they don't tax it, it means it's not recognized as a form of profession and u get to keep all the 10k a month. [ yeah rite ] and so if they accept it, it is legitimate as a business and so why are u not willing to pay for this professional fees?

u keep the astrologer alive, as he is also someone that have bills to pay and kids to rear while u receive your intended service. Healing, people think it must be free because it's healing works. Of course, free because the healer can afford it and is feeling generous but time is not free. it's not returnable and the healer still have bills to pay. imagine if everyone is not paying to healing works, which healer can afford to go on practicing ? when there's no more healer that want to continue healing, where's healing? because the works do not commensurate with the efforts and time put and cannot make a living with it, no one would be interested to continue this divine works.

on people taking this as a career and practicing people, some charge exorbitantly. some do not charge. some charge mildly. but clients can choose who to go to as all had been arranged.You don't have to go stealing customers or hard selling or even beg for ppl to go to you as your customers are contracted to you throughout your journey. Why smear the profession like you are in a rat race? have dignity as your profession itself is a dignity and is closely related to spirituality. If you think it's okie to charge that amount, it's up to u but have professional ethics. You can charge free even if u want but please do not smear the profession itself. Educate your customers on and about your works and profession, whether u r an astrologer, tarot reader, healer, psychic , feng shui and all metaphysics works there is. Honour energy exchange for balances in life. Please ponder, because to keep these metaphysics knowledge available for humankind, you as a practitioner need to change to ways that can keep it as alive and satisfactory. when u don't have to worry about ur income and bills, you study more, perform better and render your service more efficiently.

So what is energy exchange? In the time now am writing, am on the side of physical reality plane and talking as taking metaphysics as a career. So it simply means as honest reality as possible, it's money or fees that you have to pay and charge for these professional service. I don't mind if one day i have no customers, because i need all the time i have to study more. i can even read for u for free, but really, my time is expensive as i have lots of things to do and it's hard for me to part my time recklessly. and even without astrology, i can survive with my income, but am taking it as a professional career so i have to self protect this profession. it's like, if ur a  businessman and ur giving discount to pull customers, sooner or later all the businesses that are dealing with your trade will start a price war and compete, and what u did will make ur own business hard to profit or even, hard to maintain and u have to change trade. what's the point? then came all cheaper alternatives that are RM5 per piece and breaks within 1 month. and at last, the customers only get low quality stuffs thou got it cheaper.

Anyway, I am not even on the spiritual plane yet , cuz if i do, this blog will take 2 more page of scrolling. :)  

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