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Astrology and Sexuality [2]

A continuous and long term research on this. I've now a database of about 150 charts of female genders. If someone can get me across to do readings for male and trans, please do so. A little bit on the traits and trends I always discover in a natal chart of a homosexual female. [BTW, I won't be putting up the images yet as it is distracting to my train of thoughts]

1) Native usually have Rahu / Ketu on 1st house, or 5th or 7th, or 8th
Ra/Ke in 1st house - nodal case = Extreme events, lifestyle, secretive self, or emotional extreme. [this might explain, the need for homosexuals to lead a double life, not coming out to people or society, emotional issues, extreme emotional issues, suppressing their feelings for the sake of secrecy, and the oddity [odd one out/foreign] from their closest family and friends.

Ra in 7th house gives prediction of unusual intimate partner, foreign partner, or a partnership out of the normal standard of society. Ke in 7th house will explain the spiritual connection or 'soul mate' feeling of finding someone of the same sexual orientation, the difficulty or easiness of the experience with the partner, the maintenance of the relationship and also explain why most homosexual relationships are not long term with ever changing partner to partner, or in short 'recycled' among the closed group community.

Ra in 8th house [in terms of sexual satisfaction] give predictions of foreign sex partner, weird sexual partner or weird sexual appetite.

As astrology is an ancient authority, we have to see it in the eye of the great sages before this. If most of the knowledge compile is meant for humankind with the main "Man for Woman and vice versa" principles, then using it to predict current times people will need a more neutral or opposite thinking mindset. As example : if in a male chart, Ra in 8th denotes foreign sex partner, then in ancient time, it could mean that particular native can only get satisfaction in sexual gratification from someone not of the same locality, background or from a place that's not of his locality.

2) Native usually have planets that is stronger for their gender. Example : Female usually have Sun , Mars, Saturn, Mercury strong in their 1st house, and some in Retrograde while Male usually have Moon, Venus, Neptune strong in 1st or 12th.

3) Native usually have same gender planet in 5th, 7th, 8th or 12th. Example : Female that have Venus , Moon, in these houses give predictions of same gender partner while Male that have Sun, Mars, Mercury and Uranus (retrograde more significant) in these houses will have a higher probability to involve in same sex partner.
If at times there is a combination of female and male planets in this houses, it gives to a bisexual tendencies.

4) Beside these basic analysis on the basic chart , you have to map it up against the signs and the constellations. and also the timing of when someone will come to these experiences in their personal life if they choose to fulfill this desire or have this experience.

As a responsible astrologer, beside using this few basic technique to suspect a chart native of his sexual orientation, you have to have more supporting configuration in the signs, aspects, recurring story and keyword, confirmation from the 27 constellation and dasha too. Suggestion : more than 5 relation or related story from the chart can affirm the analysis.  

WHY this sexuality analysis from astrology is important or beneficial to the community or humankind, you might ask?

On a personal level
Astrology can denote and give a confirmation on whether being with someone you really love whether same gender or as normal (man-woman) will be happier for you. In some cases, there are native who if involve with marriage to the opposite sex will have unhappiness and get into the divorce rate as statistic , while with partner of the same sex, can find long term happiness and companionship who will have a better life and be taken care of for the longest time possible.

You can know if you should or should not come out to your parents or family, depending upon the religious upbringing and social background of your country and if you can't come out, how can you handle your psychological, mental and emotional well being.

You can know the best way to adjust to your health and implications and how you will need different care on the medical level. Even transgendered natives will have aspects or configurations of surgery for sexual changes in their chart, so knowing when to go under the knife for favorable results, will opting for this life time sex changes a decision you can go through with no regrets and how will your overall general health being be.

On a higher level

Since astrology is an ancient module and till now it is timeless, it is of course right to say that homosexuality have appeared since ages ago ( religious scriptures have also touch on homosexuality.)

Homosexuality is also one of HIS creation and it is a nature condition. It is only the nurturing, the different upbringing, the psychological suppression and environment that can affect fear or desire of acknowledging this emotion. Coupled with free will to whether honour or accept yourself as you are, then it come down to your own choice to whether love secretly, or love universally. Eg: scientific research have confirm everyone is androgynous and in astrology, even the toughest male do have feminine traits, despite expressing it out from a different channel or experience or events.
The long term psychological condition and upbringing creates different choice and path, and in extreme cases, homophobia and intolerance to other people different from their own choices.

The world is perceived as Yin and Yang, but with many other dimensions. Homosexuality / LGBT natives stand between the Yin and Yang line, with one foot either at the yin or yang line, or in easier word, between hell and heaven. This explains the emotional distress and imbalanced, the feelings of right and wrong in the eye of religious views, the relation to God and other such religious fears.

But so to speak, we have known unconsciously or consciously that, homosexuality will not disappear as long as there is humankind and civilization, as this is also an essential lessons in life for other majority to practice understanding, tolerance, acceptance, religious path and universal love. In terms of religious cultivations, there is no cultivation , merits accumulated or you are more favored in the eye of God if you condemn homosexuality , a fellow humankind, while u show kindness to even a small ant.

This is because, sexual orientation is only a tiny aspect of a person. Taking out this aspect, homosexuals are highly normal human being with feelings, emotions, giving taxes, performing filial duty , social responsibilities, charities, movers and shakers in their communities and what not.  Their own relation with their own God or religious practice is confine to theirs, and them alone. Time have changed. When we advocate change, it's only for the better and not for the worst. While in ancient time, homosexuality is being suppressed and is in view as lewd, dirty, stopping the generation of human, condemn by God and such, now it is about universal love, oneness and unity in diversity, human rights, kindness, gratitude and unconditional love.

The Earth is moving faster on its axis and this in a way open up more awareness and consciousness. The energies do not recognize genders. So please practice a broader mind especially if you are an astrologer trapped in traditional mindset when delineating a soul life chart.

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