Friday, September 4, 2009

New changes

Months of no updates. Heh... so Oscar style. Sorry...been busy with works and consultations. Anyway, the new changes are coming soon to , Soul Circles new domain. If you have been visiting, it's no more. At last, something jive with the company name, thanks to my new sidekick in this business! Should I credit him here or give him anonymous privilege? Heheh...

So what's the new changes? It's something yet to be revealed, yet I can't wait for it. There are changes from the maker of this whole thing as well, as in, I've at last really really determined to go on to this astrology thing full time, go on planning next year courses no matter what happen, I'll go into it, and understand , live without dreams and goals ain't live at all, because a person without a dream is not living. And my dream is to have a career I am and will be all passionate about. My personal dreams are better left alone here.... :)

The people I keep meeting, including customers and new friends, are contributing to the changes as well. Their experiences gave me the clues on why astrology is an essential knowledge to the uninitiated. Because, life, in that 12 squares of your blueprint, can be wonderful if you know how to manipulate it to your own advantage, minus those hookey pookey mysticism.

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