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An inaurugal 'lesson' on spiritual healing using aura and reiki [1]

Due to my insomnia condition now, u'll keep on seeing posts from me for my blog. So these are stuffs that had been holding in my head but i did not have the time to post before this. Well, in energy healing, Reiki energy is one of the 'soft' but powerful way to heal and as well as can be integrated with other systems. But for you to heal with Reiki, there will be certain 'basic' stuffs that you need to know that will further enhance your practice. For the courses arranged thou by soul circles next year, there'll be brief introduction to these basic stuffs as well as teaching a beginner how to train their own 3rd eye to see auras. So what are actually the basic stuffs that you need to know?

Chakra points . the 7 main chakra points in our body, Chakra in Sanskrit means Wheels and it refers to the 7 energy centers that represent our consciousness and energy systems. It regulates the flow of energy throughout the body and any imbalanced within these will affect your Aura.


The image above shows what the points correspond or in charge of, but of course it's basic and you might want to further read up on it as it is another topic by itself.

Illness always result when there is a blockage in one or more of your chakra points, and before you start laying your hands to heal, or use 'beaming/scanning' in Reiki, you can do a quick scan on the aura of the body. Then after scanning, you can do a sweep by hands for cleansing and balancing of the aura, and then start Reiki and 'zoomed in' on the troubled chakra point or parts faster.

An example I did was this: An uncle i met wanted to know about his own color and also to test what is Reiki. I did a scan on him and noticed a lot of Red color on his shoulder. I asked if his shoulder is in pain. He said no. So i told him what i saw and say, u'll soon have shoulder pain. True enough, 2 days later, uncle came back and said his shoulder is in pain. And i reiki him  on his shoulder.

Red is a color of strong energy, creativity and fire. It can indicate strong passion, strong emotions like anger, love, hate and unexpected changes. brightness in red generally reflects joy while lighter red reflects active and peaceful people. but too much red can cause inflammation and imbalance. it can effect nervous system and arouse the anger latent within. People with Red often do not trust people easily. Red ppl should learn how to control their temper and learn forgiveness.

So a little on the aura colors and the 'health' keywords they are associated with. [of course they also represent lots of other things, u can try google...or join SC courses next year!]

Orange - emotional imbalances and agitation depending on the shade. tainted orange usually reflect pride and flamboyance or worries.

Yellow is easy to reflects mental agility and is apparent when someone is very concentrated at something. tainted or murkier yellow reflects someone  with excessive thinking, overly critical and more critical , a split personality.

green - darker green usually reflect uncertainty and miserliness , jealousy, possessiveness, self doubt and mistrust. when it's with red, it is stressful and moody.

blue- darker = loneliness, blocked perceptions, worries, forgetful, fear and oversensitive.

grey- illness or depression at specific area of body

brown-if it appears in the chakras, need to cleanse the chakra points fast, as it means blockage of energies. it's also related to problem areas of the body, so it's best you ask because it's hard to see. when death is nearing, more browns will appear in the aura

black- contrary to believe that it represent death or serious illness, it actually means excess energy and one is protecting himself. secrets. burdens and sacrifices is goin to come. if appear at areas of any physical body, it means physical imbalance. if at outer edge of body aura, it indicate holes in the auric field, which indicates victims of abuse, emotionally damaged, negative thinker, destruction and despair.

There are more other colurs which I've left out thou. Cuz i just want to give some example

if u see lots of Red in areas of the head and throat, it indicates neck, shoulder, chest pain, migraine or high blood pressure. beside spiritual healing, the fastest is using Reiki and of course the best permanent way is some lifestyle positive practice that need to be learned.

if u see lots of red flowing from the neck to hands...he is highly stressed with burdens on his shoulders and do not know how to relax. it can manifest to pain in the body, skin disorder, tiredness and insomnia <---like me!

black dots that sits at navel chakra and heart chakra can indicate a person is being possessed. need spiritual healers as well as aura cleansing and reiki

a very ill person will have lots of blue in their body with black colurs, these are usually colurs i see in ppl with serious illness, loose mobility or have nerves illness that makes them disabled. black with orange or red in the outer ring also indicates karmic issues. and the auric field is totally holed with black colurs.

How to protect your aura? I've been attacked before by some unethical people using psychic and invasive to my auric field. some ways to protect it is sitting crossed leg as if in meditation, cross ur legs at ur ankles and put ur thumbs and index fingers together. this will stop ur energy from draining.

shield yourself with colurs by bringing down white, or gold or orange or bright blue above your head down to your entire body. imagine it as a shield and you are inside it. or a bubble and u are inside the bubble. even pyramid images works. And on top of that, invoke your reiki angels or guardian angels to protect you.
proper breathing will calm u down. And if all else fail...faster sms ur master!!

So in summary: this is to let you know that if you are already doing some energy healing works, it is best to know the chakra points and the association of aura colors with all of it so you can heal better and efficiently, to yourself, ur loved one or even, a stranger u see. 

to be continue...sleepy already~~~


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