Saturday, September 12, 2009

Guidelines to Seeking an astrologer

This is a guideline for anyone who would like to seek for an astrologer in general, and particularly me especially.

1) An astrologer needs your accurate data of birth details, especially if the astrologer is using systems that requires accuracy of your input to produce output of your natal chart. Astrologer using purple star and chinese systems do not need your accurate birth time, for they can be within an hour of time with their symbolic meaning, or if traditional type of chinese systems, a span of 2 hours.

Birth details needed is date of birth [ Gregorian calendar ], time of birth as precise as possible and place of birth. Place of birth is the area, the state or the country u are born at, not necessary hospital name and such.  If you give a -not so accurate- details, the readings will come out as not so accurate. If you do not have an accurate time of birth, you can go for other system of divination that do not need your time of birth detail.

This is because if you go to an astrologer without your time of birth, the astrologer will need to do a 'birth rectification'  reading first. This is a highly tedious process and can take weeks to do, because we have to have other input from you, such as important dates of your life, eg, your marriage date, your major accident date, your first born child, if your parents passed away, their date and time of death and such. This service is chargeable and it's not cheap.

And if after a session you realized the time of birth given is horribly wrong and you need a new consultation, then it is a new session and you have to pay again because you wasted my time. A difference of 4 minute is allowed, but not more than 10 minutes because the constellation and other things in the chart will changed. I usually do not accept doing a reading if you are not particularly sure of your time, because you will not be willing to pay for my birth rectification fees.If you have a twin or triplet etc, do inform so I can determine which constellation you fall at within your natal chart.

2) at least prepare some urgent specific questions that you would like to ask. The reason for an interactive consultation session is because this is about your life, so am sure you will have urgent stuffs to ask, unless you seek an astrologer for fun, or you prefer to listen to everything from past and such , then it's fine, as long as you are aware of the rates in terms of time.

3) bring along a notepad and pen to jot down things you want to remember. A recorder is allowed but do inform your astrologer so that he/she can speak clear enough to be recorded. This is because an astrologer usually do not want to remember your chart, your details or carry your files along and after a long session of consultation, only to have you call back and ask the same questions all over again.

Some can give you answers to the same question or new questions again but I bet my last dollar that not all will be able to do that for more than 3 times everyday or way after that because you are not the only customers they have to cater to. So please be sensitive and jot down your own notes. If you have too much new questions after a session, compile them up and make a new appointment for a new consultation again. This is because when you are with your astrologer, you are already given a chance to get the best out of him and if it's a repetition again, you are wasting your own time as well as the astrologer's time.

4) During the session, be as serious and attentive as possible because you might miss out important points. Friendliness and politeness is encouraged, but not to the extend of disrupting the environment conducive for reading and definitely not for an astrologer to repeat and repeat and repeat the same thing over and over again. ( unless you are willing to pay for the time spent )

5) Responsible astrologers do not only point out the good points, but also the bad points coupled with honest works. Do not expect to only hear what you WISH to hear, WANT to hear and do selective hearing. The consequence is entirely up to your own side if you do that, especially with me because i am not a sooth sayer.

For me, it is because of your selective hearing that you may say am not accurate. Many customers i met, there are bound to be some that hear a little and a little not. But let me restate my position, I don't mind you saying am not accurate, it was never a problem to me because astrology is a module of probabilities. Out of the few hundreds chart that i read in my 4 years experience, only 2 people mentioned it's not correct, and one is during my 1st year practice, and 2nd one is because the time is not accurate. However, my style is simple, i just predict whatever is right in front of me, which is the chart and not look at your drama as chart do not lie, unless again...u supply the wrong data.
If bad things is not accurate, good for you!

6) Any astrologers who are only sooth sayers, 'pushing' or 'coy' you to buy EXPENSIVE gems, products and what not after a session of doom saying and how you should avoid the mishap should  be avoided as far as possible . Unless you are really sure you want to buy the gem or any other products of reasonable doubt, give yourself a time , preferably 2 or 3 days before you go back to buy. This is because, after a session, usually it's your weakest period and have too much to think of or planned and you are easy to be manipulated. Your trust is already there and you suddenly worshiped the astrologer like a GOD. So ethical astrologer do not cash in during your vulnerable time. Some can even hypnotize you, so unless you are very sure of yourself, bring along a friend to accompany you especially if the session is conducted at a place unfamiliar to you, home of the astrologer, or secluded place you think will pose a certain risk of danger. If you still did got conned after reading this, then don't say I did not give you advice here.

True astrologer usually do not force or ask you to buy expensive gems after a cheap reading because in the Vedas scripture, beside gemstones, there are countless remedies that are still applicable and affordable to humankind. You can also go to other alternatives for remedies that are workable and genuine. Crystals and gemstones should be from reliable source, checked with someone authenticated and do not always mean, more expensive , more power...even a cheap one if it is favourable for your period to wear, it will work. Commercialized 'astrologer' usually have business deals with some crystal seller who sell to them at a cheap price and sell to you by hundreds or thousands. The ploy is usually describing the stones up to like a mystical stone, saying how it will help you to avoid mishap or disaster, does not worth that much and lots more.

True astrologer will pinpoint what is suitable and the name of it, without you having to buy straight after a session. Remedies or other helps are usually logical to accept, affordable and workable.

7) lastly, enjoy the session and take it as a guideline for yourself. No THEORIES in the scriptures or books about KARMA that says your destiny could not be change. If you do read on it, usually KARMA is about events and past (and even past life) doing, but always there are ways to alter your destiny, or change to have a good future , your present action can be changed to have a better future as destiny lies in your own hand. If you put in good seeds, you get good seeds, so you still need to know your own patterns in order to reshape your new patterns. So keep planting!

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